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We are deeply committed to our partnerships, and one of our core values is being 'partner obsessed.' Building strong, trust-based relationships with our business partners is very important to us, and security plays a big role in earning and maintaining this trust. We have integrated security measures at every stage of our business operations, and our strong commitment to security allows you to concentrate on your growth and success. If you would like to access more detailed information beyond the contents of this page, please don't hesitate to contact us at

Security Pillars:

  • Data Security:
    • We maintain the highest level of security when it comes to data. Data processed, stored, or transmitted by Pattern is encrypted with the most up to date algorithms available.
  • Privacy:
    • Privacy is extremely important to us. For a detailed outline of our commitment to safeguarding privileged information, please refer to our privacy policy available at [].
  • Infrastructure Security:
    • Pattern utilizes AWS Cloud to offer our partners reliable and secure access to our services. We assess ourselves against several cloud security benchmarks, ensuring that we uphold the highest cloud and application security standards.
  • Vulnerability Management:
    • In addition to our efforts to monitor and safeguard our cloud resources and endpoint devices, Pattern conducts annual third-party penetration tests and regular vulnerability scans on all our applications and devices.
  • Employee Training:
    • In today's age, the importance of creating a workplace that prioritizes security cannot be overstated. At Pattern, we are committed to building a culture of security through initiatives such as annual security training and regular phishing tests. This ensures that our workplace and employees are always up to date with the latest security best practices.


  • Where can we learn more about Pattern’s security?
    • Any inquiries regarding Pattern’s security practices should be directed to
  • How do I report a security vulnerability in a Pattern product?
    • Any security vulnerabilities may be responsibly disclosed by reaching out to Please include finding details and our internal security team will take care of the rest.