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Marketplace Prep

No-sweat prep.

Speed and accuracy, powered by innovation. Our proprietary technology optimizes for efficiency at every stage.

The process

How Pattern marketplace prep works.

We do all the work. Just ship us your product, and we take care of the rest. There's NO pre-prep required by brands as long as your product has a UPC or unique identifier.



Ship your products to Pattern.



Pattern completes ALL prep per marketplace requirements.



Pattern ships prepped products to marketplaces.


Scale and automate with no defects.

Our advanced technology across our products and solutions supercharges your ecommerce opportunities to reach their fullest potential.

Marketplace & carrier agnostic

We select the best carrier and service match for optimized speed and pricing with our specialized algorithms and precision analytics.

Guided automation technology

We prep each unique product and lower defect rates with our step-by-step guided automation workflows.

Connected labeling & Seller Central accounts

With our cutting-edge scanning technology, we label items, cartons, and shipments and send information to Seller Central with no manual inputs for defect-free shipping and lightning-fast speed.

Pattern Dashboard

Know the status of your inventory in real-time with our customer-facing dashboard for full visibility and transparency.

Inventory management software

We leverage billions of data points, data scientists, and your brand's expertise to create accurate inventory forecasts and reliable lead time targets for optimized in-stock rates.

Trusted by hundreds of global brands.

We grow brands

than Amazon, on average.
Units prepped weekly
24 hr
Inbound speed to Amazon on average
Accuracy rate
Distribution centers
Refreshingly simple — Exponentially powerful

A global growth engine for pioneering brands.

We believe there is a better way. We're creating the future of brand growth with our acceleration platform bringing together our expertise, proven partnership, and game-changing technology into one powerful answer for every single ecommerce challenge.

Experience you can count on.
With 1,700 team members across 22 global offices and decades working at the forefront of ecommerce, we can handle the big strategic thinking as easily as the daily details. We make ecommerce surprisingly simple – and refreshingly human.
Partnership you can grow with.
Operating on 100+ marketplaces, selling in 60+ countries, and shipping millions of units monthly, we know scale. Our partnership model is based on a simple belief: when you win, we do too.
Technology that accelerates.
Grow faster than ever with a proprietary platform that leverages 30T unique data points, advanced AI, and technology that drives customer acquisition and conversion.