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Pattern Creators

Grow your community, build your brand.

Seamless ambassador and influencer marketing solutions to increase brand awareness and revenue growth.

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The process

How Pattern Creators works.

Pattern Creators gives you a central place to recruit, engage, and manage all your creators and campaigns.



Build your community by finding, recruiting, and onboarding creators all in one place.



Engage with your creator community and launch campaigns.



Manage content and payments—and measure results—throughout the process.


Creator marketing that drives growth.

We’ll help you design, produce, and manage your creator content with tech that makes the most of it.

Ambassador Hub

All the tools you need to build an authentic ambassador community that drives revenue.

Easy payments

Pay your connected creators faster and make your job easier with payments and taxes.

Find & recruit

Recruit the best influencers and ambassadors for your brand.

Product seeding

Simplify sending product to creators with a seamless Shopify integration.

Measure results

Truly understand how well your creator marketing is performing with deep reporting.

Trusted by hundreds of global brands.

We grow brands

than Amazon, on average.
Amazon seller globally
Ecommerce data points
Influencer payments monthly
Creators actively promoting brands
Refreshingly simple — Exponentially powerful

Put your creators – and products – in the spotlight.

Boost your creator platform and get more done with these add-on services and support from our team of proven experts.

Contracting and campaigns.
We'll deliver the campaign of your dreams and negotiate the contract.
Allowlisting media.
Promote your best creator content further and see even higher conversions.
Ambassador programs.
If you don't have the internal resources for a full program, put us to work instead. We offer custom-built growth playbooks for your brand that will create a revenue-generating ambassador program.