Who We Are at Pattern

Pattern Data Science

September 29, 2023

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Who We Are at Pattern

At Pattern, we don’t just talk about the importance of things like gathering data on customer reviews, making sure you’re not overspending on advertising, and finding patterns in consumer behavior—we walk the walk with you. It’s just who we are.

We’re Data Fanatics

Think of us as your friendly neighborhood nerd who can’t stop talking about all the insights that numbers, algorithms, and millions of lines of code give about your brand (and how to make it stronger).

“When you’re talking ecommerce, it’s almost ridiculous not to talk about it in the context of data,” said David Wright, Pattern Co-Founder/CEO. “If any company in ecommerce isn’t almost completely data-driven, then they’re certainly subpar.”

We strongly believe that informed decisions are better decisions. “That’s why,” says Chief Revenue Officer John LeBaron, “data plays a very big part in what we do and how we add value back to our partners.”

Without data backing your choices, it’s nearly impossible to know whether your strategies are effective or not. Let us crunch the numbers with you and show you the difference good data makes.

We’re a Team of Doers

Why talk about problems when you could be solving them?

“Brands come to Pattern because they’re trying to deal with a problem, and it could be one of several different problems,” said Jared Mason, VP of Brand Services. “It could be a compliance problem, it could be a growth problem, it could be even a distribution problem. These are all things that people come to us for and that we’ll help solve for them.”

We’re Partner Obsessed

Just like you, we care about your brand. We’ll help you optimize your consumer experience and we are trying to grow your brand equity in different online marketplaces to grow the overall brand in ecommerce.

When it’s all said and done, “Our obsession with partner success is truly what sets us apart,” says Melanie Alder, Co-Founder/Chief Investment Officer.

“Really the secret is that we are brand obsessed,” Melanie said. “Pattern has experienced such explosive growth because we are brand obsessed and we tailor all of our offerings to what a brand wants and needs.”

Think that might sound like something you value, too? Contact us.

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