December 31, 2020

Pattern’s 2020 Year in Review: Unprecedented Changes

By Eleanor Adams / Pattern News

It’s been an unusual year, to say the least. For starters, the COVID-19 pandemic had a marked impact on ecommerce. We analyzed how the pandemic sparked shifts in consumer behavior, sped up the rates of ecommerce adoption by at least a decade, and overall made it more important than ever to diversify, get in control on the marketplace, and invest in the right expertise to grow your ecommerce channel in a way that profits your brand in the long run.

It’s safe to say that, whatever they were doing before, brands have to double and triple down on their ecommerce investments to succeed on the fast-growing, ever-changing platform. The new normal of ecommerce is here to stay.

For Pattern’s workplace and many others, the pandemic truly hit home at, well, home. Pattern employees began working from home in early March and have been working remotely ever since. The new work culture for many of us became juggling kid’s remote school schedules, arguing over the phone with internet providers, and, of course, talking on mute over a video call (more often than we’d care to admit).

Yet, the show must go on, and it certainly did. Pattern saw unprecedented growth this year and embraced new, creative ways to unite the company. We’re so grateful for all our amazing brand partners and clients who have trusted us with their business, as well as for our employees who have made the magic happen despite it all. Let’s take a look back at the biggest moments of 2020 before we gladly (finally) dive headfirst into a new year.

Awards and news

$52M Series A funding

Arguably Pattern’s biggest news of 2020 was closing a $52M Series A funding round with our friends at Ainge Advisory and KSV Global. This was one of the largest funding rounds ever by a female co-founded company and was covered nationally by Techcrunch, Crunchbase, and KSL.

Enlisted Design acquisition

Right on the heels of our Series A funding was our acquisition of Enlisted Design, an award-winning, industrial design, packaging, branding, and digital design agency. With Enlisted, we’ve been able to permanently change the ecommerce landscape to combine data and design to build brands and products people love. Read more about our acquisition in our cover article for Silicon Slopes magazine.


Then awards season this fall didn’t disappoint either (for the third year in a row, we’d humbly point out). Pattern walked away with the following rankings:

Not only that, but Enlisted Design’s Allbirds Dasher compostable shoebox was honored in Fast Company’s Innovation by Design Awards for 2020 in the most innovative packaging category.

Analysis, webinars, and content

This year we’ve been busier than ever creating content and crunching numbers. Here are a few of our top research pieces, on-demand webinars, eBooks, and reports that you all seemed to enjoy.



Find more of our on-demand webinars here.

eBooks and reports

Find more of our eBooks and reports here.

Pattern culture

Figuring out how to bring a company of 700+ employees together from home was a new challenge Pattern’s leadership embraced as we adjusted to remote work. We started work-from-home life with care packages (including coveted hand sanitizer—a hot commodity!) early in spring, hit the middle of the year in stride with a socially-distant Values Week, and ended 2020 with an outdoor holiday activity.

Watch a video recap of Values Week below.

We even revamped our 4 cultural values in 2020 as well. Watch the embedded videos below to learn more about what we value as a company.

Team of Doers

Game Changers

Data Fanatics

Partner Obsessed

In summary, 2020 wasn’t anything we expected. It was difficult in many ways, yes. But it was also a year of growth, learning, and becoming. With an unprecedented year under our belt, we’re heading into 2021 with even bigger goals. Follow along on our journey by subscribing to Pattern’s biweekly Insights newsletter at the right.

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