How Pattern Helped Balance of Nature Solidify Position as the #1 Brand for Fruits and Veggies On Amazon

Katie Lavin

March 1, 2023

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balance of nature fruits and vegetable capsules

Balance of Nature is a supplement containing only freeze dried fruits and vegetables. This enables people to conveniently acquire more than ten recommended servings of fruits and vegetables a day–replacing multivitamins. A trailblazing brand in the science and application of phytonutrition, Balance of Nature distributes its products direct-to-consumer and on Amazon.

On Amazon, Balance of Nature was a 3P seller, managing their own fulfillment (FBM). In this set up, Balance of Nature was seeing massive growth on Amazon, however, they were struggling to maintain Buy Box, ineligible to get the Prime badge, and could not offer subscribe and save–a key benefit offered on their DTC site. Due to these limitations, their advertising spend was not optimized and their #1 best seller spot fell to competitors.

Download the one page case study here.

Losing Sales to Look-alike Brands

Balance of Nature’s fruit and vegetable supplements top competitor joined the marketplace in January 2022, and at least 5 others followed in the first half of the year. Most of these competing products copied almost exactly the look of Balance of Nature. These knock-offs were trying to ride the wave of their success; and they did. They stole sizable market share during that time period.

These competitors not only relied on creating a product nearly identical to Balance of Nature’s, but they heavily went after “Balance of Nature” branded keywords. This confused customers and led to lost sales and degradation of branded real estate in Amazon ad placements. Pattern’s early data indicated that Balance of Nature was losing millions in sales to these brands. Eventually, Balance of Nature even lost the Best Seller badge (#1 Best Seller in the category) to a look-alike brand.

An Amazon 3P Partner that Gives you Control

In order for Balance of Nature to regain the top position of their category, they needed to regain control of their listings. Pattern, the world’s top ecommerce accelerator and 3P partner, was an ideal fit for them. Once the brand implemented and enforced its MAP policy, Pattern’s advertising experts were perfectly positioned to increase traffic and conversion.

Why is traffic and conversion important for brands on Amazon? Watch this video to learn more.

Phased Advertising and Organic Solution

Pattern developed a multifaceted advertising solution for Balance of Nature that solidified their marketplace dominance in their appropriate categories. In a matter of days, Balance of Nature regained the Best Seller badge and reclaimed the #1 spot in their category.

Part of this solution was brand defense. Pattern ran sponsored ads on all five products, focusing on the top 3 with the greatest Buy Box ownership. The ads only ran when Pattern had the Buy Box, which is why the brand’s MAP policy and enforcement is so critical to advertising success. With those products, they focused on owning a large share of “Balance of Nature” branded keywords to push competitors out from stealing their market share.

Next, based on our millions of rows of data across multiple categories, Pattern identified the top keywords with the most market share the competitors were stealing and targeted those.

Leveling Up Ad Spend with Industry-Leading Results

When Balance of Nature implemented and enforced their MAP policies, Pattern was able to capitalize on the brand control and execute a highly successful advertising campaign. Taking a methodical approach, Pattern’s advertising spend tripled from initial launch (September), peaking in December, to achieve results better than most in the industry.

  • Sales attributed to advertising jumped over 4x from September to December
  • Improved efficiency–ROAS increased 21%
    • Conversion rate jumped from 13% to 18%
  • Pattern improved Buy Box ownership from 61% to 91%
    • When Pattern’s Buy Box ownership was greater than 90%, advertising conversion rate increased over 2%
  • With high Buy Box ownership, and an increase in ad spend increased:
    • Organic clicks doubled
    • Keywords in the top 4 grew by nearly 10x
    • Keywords on page 1 grew by 4x

When a Brand is in Control, Pattern’s Ads Deliver

When Balance of Nature didn’t have the Buy Box, competitors were controlling all of the ad space, both branded and non-branded, leading to brand confusion and other Look-alikes excelling. Retaining the Buy Box allowed Pattern to run ads with great results, while also protecting valuable brand real estate from competitors. Therefore, Pattern was able to run strategic advertising campaigns that increased Pattern’s Balance of Nature sales on Amazon.

Pattern’s multifaceted advertising approach won the brand credibility on Amazon, positioned it in the top 4 organic search results, and generated high volume traffic and increased conversion for Balance of Nature. You can download a one-page version of this case study here.

Learn more about how advertising can convert for your brand on Amazon. Contact Pattern to learn more.

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