October 30, 2018

How to Get the Amazon Best Seller Badge

By Jordan Hier / Amazon

Some may say that obtaining the Amazon Best Seller badge is like capturing a unicorn. It may be difficult, but it is, unlike unicorn hunting, not impossible.

A simple way to obtain this badge of all badges is to sell the greatest number of a particular product within your chosen category and thereby grow your ecommerce sales as a result. Now, Amazon does not say how long you have to maintain this consistently high number of sales, which can make it tricky. Competition for this badge is also high which makes it even harder to obtain.

To get the Best Seller badge, you first need to understand just what it is; then, you need to learn how to implement ecommerce SEO and growth strategies that will improve your chances of winning this highly sought after label.


Amazon Best Seller badge: What is it?

The Amazon #1 Best Seller badge is a small orange ribbon-like icon that appears on a particular product shown in search results or on the actual product listing. In the eyes of a customer and in ecommerce trends, the #1 Best Seller badge not only gives legitimacy to the product but it also builds urgency and speed to the buyer’s journey. Having the Best Seller badge means more impressions, higher conversions, and higher rankings. 

How to get the best seller badge

The Amazon Best Seller badge is based on sales and product rank, not reviews or ratings, and can change from one hour to the next. This is why it is so important to constantly make sure your product listing is the best that it can be. Below are some Amazon ecommerce solutions on how to do this.

  • 1. Choose the right category and classify using browse nodes
  • One way to help your products have a better chance of getting the Best Seller badge and grow your ecommerce sales is to make sure your products are seen by your customers. That way, you can make sure the right customers are seeing your product. To do that, you need to verify your product belongs to the correct category. You don’t want to be selling a dog toy in the Electronics category—that wouldn’t make sense.

    Once you verify your product is in the right category you can then follow the browse tree guide” to assure your product is properly classified. This helps amazon better organize items for sale into certain collections to assure customers are finding what they are looking for.

  • 2. Optimize your product listing
  • The best way to make sure your customers can find your product and grow your ecommerce sales is to match up your keywords with what your customers are searching for. The best way to do that is through keyword research.

    There are many great tools to use in order to collect the best keywords like [Jungle Scout](https://www.junglescout.com/), [Google Keyword Planner](https://ads.google.com/intl/en_sg/home/tools/keyword-planner/) or the proprietary [Predict software](https://pattern.com/what-we-do/predict-software/) that Pattern offers. Once that is complete, your products should be more competitive and your customers will have an easier time finding your listing.

    Understanding the keywords that your customers are typing into the search bar and adding them to your listing is the best way to get in front of potential buyers. To learn more, read this blog about optimizing for SEO on Amazon.

  • 3. Setting up promotions/giveaways
  • Holding promotions or having a giveaway is another potential way to increase sales and get the Best Seller Badge. Having giveaways or promotions can naturally attract a higher sales volume, which can also help to boost you up the ranks of Amazon's ecommerce trends. Who doesn’t love a good deal or free stuff?

    Although this Amazon ecommerce solution might help increase sales for a time and possibly trick Amazon’s A9 algorithm, but ultimately it is just creating a feeding ground for a price battle. Giveaways or promotions are good tools to use because they are for a limited or brief period of time to protect your price.

    It is important to maintain Minimum Advertised Price, the minimum price the manufacturer wants their products to be sold at, as anything different can lead to price erosion and a battle for the buy box. For more information on how to enforce MAP policy, read this article.

    Conclusion: The badge is worth it, but it’s not everything

    Reigning in and capturing the unicorn they call the #1 Best Seller badge is definitely a hard thing to do and once done, is very rewarding. Each of the strategies above can be applied to increase your chances on getting the badge and the top-ranked spot.

    If you apply these strategies and still do not obtain the Best Seller badge, do not give up. You must look past the shiny object, or orange ribbon-like badge in this case, and continue to work hard on optimizing your listings and the browse nodes.

    If these strategies are constantly revamped, you will get what really matters the most, which are increased sales, brand recognition, and increased product rank. Who knows, maybe the less you focus on the #1 Best Seller badge, it might actually come to you by surprise.

    For more information about getting the Best Seller badge on Amazon or if you need help improving your listings on the marketplace, contact Pattern below.

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