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How to Get the Amazon Best Seller Badge

Some may say that obtaining the Amazon Best Seller badge is like capturing a unicorn. It may be difficult, but it is, unlike unicorn hunting, not impossible.

A simple way to obtain this badge of all badges is to sell the greatest number of a particular product within your chosen category and thereby grow your ecommerce sales as a result. Now, Amazon does not say how long you have to maintain this consistently high number of sales, which can make it tricky to know exactly when you’ve made it. Competition for this badge is also high which makes it even harder to obtain.

To get the Best Seller badge, you first need to understand just what it is. Then with that knowledge you’ll need to add in Amazon SEO and growth strategies to improve your chances of winning this highly sought after label.

best seller on Amazon

Amazon Best Seller badge: What is it?

The Amazon #1 Best Seller badge is a small orange ribbon-like icon that appears on a particular product shown in search results or on the actual product listing. In the eyes of a customer and in ecommerce trends, the #1 Best Seller badge not only gives legitimacy to the product but it also builds urgency and speed to the buyer’s journey. Having the Best Seller badge means more impressions, higher conversions, and higher rankings.

**How is this badge different from the Amazon’s Choice badge? **

Having either the Amazon Best Seller badge or the Amazon’s Choice badge is an indicator to customers that your brand is a quality brand that they can trust. However, there is a key difference between the two badges.

Amazon’s Choice is based on SEO and given to product listings that are the best match for a particular keyword, whereas the Best Seller badge, as mentioned earlier, is based on sales velocity and given to products that have sold the most units per hour in their category.

It is more difficult to earn a Best Seller badge than it is to earn Amazon’s Choice, but the rewards are worth the work.

How to get the best seller badge

The Amazon Best Seller badge is based on sales and product ranking, not reviews or ratings, and can change from one hour to the next. This is why it is so important to constantly make sure your product listing is the best that it can be.

It may sound daunting, but in order to earn a best seller badge you’ll want to have everything from your image stack to your customer experience in tip top shape to meet Amazon standards. Even though things like reviews don’t directly determine your best seller status, they too can influence the sales you need to earn the badge. That’s why it’s important to optimize every part of your listing.

Below are just a few Amazon ecommerce solutions to help you craft a best-seller-worthy listing.

1. Choose the right category and classify using browse nodes (or subcategories)

One way to help your products have a better chance of getting the Best Seller badge and grow your ecommerce sales is to make sure your products are seen by your customers. To do that, you need to verify your product belongs to the correct category. You don’t want to be selling a dog toy in the Electronics category—that wouldn’t make sense.

One place to look to make sure your product is categorized correctly is Amazon’s Overview of categories page. This will show you the types of categories on the platform as well as product conditions that are acceptable for a listing.

Once you verify your product is in the right category, you can then follow Amazon’s Browse Tree Guide (BTG) to assure your product is properly classified (consider this a subcategory for your product). The BTG helps Amazon better organize items for sale into certain collections and refine customer searches to assure shoppers find exactly what they are looking for.

You might also consider changing your subcategory to one that’s similar but less competitive to capture more sales without any extra work.

2. Optimize your product listing

The best way to ensure your customers can find your product and grow your ecommerce sales is to match up your keywords with what your customers are searching for. This is done through keyword research.

There are many great tools to use in order to collect the best keywords, and you can choose the software that best meets your needs. At Pattern we have our own proprietary software—Predict—that connects SEO and advertising data to find the best keyword opportunities.

Once you’ve completed keyword research, you can use the data to create an optimized listing. With optimization, your products will be more competitive, and your customers will have an easier time finding your product.

Understanding the keywords that your customers are typing into the search bar and adding them to your listing is the best way to get in front of potential buyers. To learn more, read.

3. Offer product variation

The more variation you offer on a listing, be it style, size, flavor, or color variation, the more likely you are to make a sale and, thereby, earn the best seller badge. Variation allows shoppers to compare and choose products and feel more confident in their purchase. Brands capable of offering a variety of product styles should make sure those options are included in their listing.

4. Set up promotions

Holding promotions regularly is another potential way to increase sales and get the Best Seller Badge. Having coupons or promo codes can naturally attract a higher sales volume, which can also help to boost you up the ranks of Amazon's ecommerce trends. Who doesn’t love a good deal?

Although this solution might help increase sales for a time and possibly trick Amazon’s A9 algorithm, it’s ultimately just creating a feeding ground for a price battle. It’s important to not outprice your competition, but reduce your price as low as possible to increase sales. You’ll still want to maintain Minimum Advertised Price, as anything different can lead to price erosion and a battle for the buy box.

Conclusion: The badge is worth it, but it’s not everything

Reigning in and capturing the unicorn they call the #1 Best Seller badge is definitely a hard thing to do, but once done, it’s very rewarding. Each of the strategies above can be applied to increase your chances of getting the badge and the top-ranked spot.

If you apply these strategies and still do not obtain the Best Seller badge, don’t give up. You must look past the shiny object—or orange ribbon-like badge in this case—and continue to work hard on optimizing your listings and the browse nodes. If these strategies are constantly revamped, you’ll get what really matters, which are increased sales, brand recognition, and increased product rank.

For more information about getting the Best Seller badge on Amazon or if you need help with any portion of your marketplace management, let's start a conversation on your needs and how Pattern can help.