August 20, 2019

Amazon Is Testing a New 'Top Brand' Badge: What it Means for Sellers

By Eleanor Adams / Amazon

If you're a fashion seller on Amazon, listen up.

Amazon is testing out a new "Top Brand" badge to help customers differentiate between established brand names and other sellers—possibly giving an advantage to legit brands doing battle against low-priced private label products (a true Amazon first).

What is the Top Brand badge?

The badge, seemingly exclusive to Amazon's fashion category, recently started appearing in searches last week, according to Juozas Kaziukénas of Marketplace Pulse, and may have a similar function to social media's verified badges for celebrities and brand names. That is to say, the badge indicates to customers that a brand wearing the badge is the real deal, and that they can expect a similar brand experience with say, Feetures, on Amazon as on other platforms.

(Photo illustration by Justin Woods.)

Additionally, similar to the Best Seller or Amazon's Choice badges, the Top Brand label seems to be yet another differentiating factor to help certain brands rank higher in searches than others. Right now it's unclear what factors Amazon takes into account to give the label, though patterns may emerge if and when Amazon decides to move forward with the badge.

What does being a Top Brand mean for sellers?

At Pattern, we see this badge as an important opportunity for brand name retailers because it could help customers easily distinguish between fake/unauthorized sellers and legitimate top brands, potentially giving those brands an advantage over their proliferate, cheaper competitors.

"As the exclusive partner of our brands on Amazon, we want our brands to have that badge in order establish themselves against other brands with similar knock-off products," said Kevin Lamb, an Insights and Capabilities Specialist at Pattern. 

In a nutshell, having the Top Brand badge could mean

- higher product rankings in Amazon search

- greater visibility 

- increased brand equity/trust with customers

- increased sales

How do I get the Top Brand badge?

Unfortunately, Amazon has yet to say. Wired reported that the 'zon said the badge was awarded to "brands that customers love," but wouldn't expound beyond that.

While it's unclear if Amazon will move forward with the Top Brand badge, it is clear that such a badge could truly give a great—and hitherto unprecedented—advantage to the brands who earn it.

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