Case Study


Founded by runners and innovators, Feetures are engineered to have a custom-like fit that solve conventional sock problems.

Partner SinceJuly 6, 2017
MarketplacesAmazon U.S., CA, eBay
Seller CategoryClothing, Shoes & Jewelry

Key Challenges

Feetures faced damaged brand equity due to price erosion on Amazon and multiple unauthorized sellers. They also were challenged by the high cost of optimizing images and content on their ecommerce channels. This led to an inconsistent brand message throughout content and across sellers.

Damaged Brand Equity
  • Damaged brand equity due to price erosion on Amazon.
  • Multiple unauthorized sellers.
Creative Costs
  • High cost of optimizing images and content.
  • Little bandwidth and budget to optimize creative.
Inconsistent Message
  • Inconsistent brand message throughout content and across sellers.
  • Listings were not up to par with their brand.
Little Reporting
  • Needed better data and reporting about their Amazon listings and unauthorized sellers.

Our Approach

With Pattern's ecommerce knowledge and expertise, we were able to give Feetures the resources they needed to empower them to uphold MAP, including our Predict software to to identify unauthorized sellers and connection to legal counsel to remove them. Lastly, Feetures' access to Pattern’s digital marketing team of creatives, advertisers, and marketplace experts helped them optimize images and content on all their Amazon listings.


Pattern and Feetures' combined efforts led Feetures to experience increased brand equity online, regain control of their online channel with 99% MAP compliance, and grow revenue nearly 70% in their first year partnering with us.

Improved Brand Equity
  • Optimized images and content.
  • Maintained a consistent brand message across all marketplace and Amazon listings.
Growing Revenue
  • Revenue grew 67% from 2017 to 2018.
  • Feetures revenue grew 20% YoY from 2018 to 2019.
Better Reach
  • Marketplace expansion to sell and monitor products on 3 marketplaces.
Brand Control
  • Regained control from unauthorized sellers and improved conversion rates.
  • Feetures achieved 98% MAP compliance in their first year and now average 99% MAP compliance overall.



MAP Compliance Overall


Revenue Growth from 2018 to 2019


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