Feetures Achieves 99% MAP Compliance with Pattern

Katie Lavin

October 5, 2022

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Pattern Feetures case study

Feetures is a sock brand engineered to have a custom-like fit that solves conventional sock problems and helps with typical foot issues.  With a dedicated, passionate, and growing consumer base, as well as product line, the brand expanded its ecommerce strategy to include key marketplaces like Amazon. However, the increase in popularity also attracted the attention of unauthorized sellers on Amazon, who, in an effort to gain an edge in sales, were negatively impacting the pricing strategy as well as brand equity.

As the world’s top ecommerce accelerator, Pattern teamed up with Feetures as their exclusive 3P Partner to overcome the challenges brought on from unauthorized sellers. As its top priority, Pattern set up the brand to regain control on Amazon.

Download the one-page case study here.

Feetures Lacked Brand Control on Amazon

Before Feetures partnered with Pattern in 2017, countless unauthorized sellers were flooding Amazon and disrupting their pricing strategy.  With unapproved discounts flooding the marketplace, there was no MAP compliance and Feetures could not win the Buy Box.

Feetures partnered with Pattern, in a step-by-step process, to gain back control of their ecommerce presence and create quality content on all ecommerce platforms to represent their brand.

Eliminating Unauthorized Sellers Allowed Feetures to Grow

First, Pattern worked with Feetures to identify unauthorized sellers who were threatening Feetures’ control on Amazon and disrupting their prices. By leveraging Pattern’s custom software, Feetures was able to uncover all of the noncompliant sellers across Amazon. The visibility that Pattern’s omnichannel ecommerce software provided helped Feetures identify key contributors to their control problems including channel conflictprice erosion, and inconsistent product listings.

Next, Feetures was able to clean up their distribution network and remove unauthorized sellers causing channel conflict and price erosion. Working with eControl law firm, VORYs, The team had the necessary legal expertise to issue takedowns and enforce all pricing policies.

Feetures Kicks Off Rogue Sellers and Gains Control on Amazon

Because Feetures was able to eliminate numerous unauthorized sellers, they gained nearly complete control over their Amazon channel.

  • Feetures’ compliance has reached 99% since partnering with Pattern
  • Achieved revenue growth of 67% in their first year

With Pattern’s breadth and depth of marketplace resources, data-driven insights and technology, coupled with Amazon 3P partner expertise, Feetures was able to identify the cause of its control issues on Amazon.  Leveraging its proprietary software, and relationship with VORYs, unauthorized sellers could no longer derail its brand or success on Amazon.

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“We decided to partner with Pattern because they are clearly experts in the channel. They use their technology to help monitor key metrics.”

– Joe Gaither, Feetures Director of Marketing

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