Did You Know Distribution Could Derail Your Brand Strategy? Find Out How.

Akta Bavalia

May 31, 2022

brand control on Amazon

Did you ever realize distribution control was going to be an integral part of your brand strategy? Most brand executives do not. At Pattern, we hear from top global brands that brand integrity, brand reputation, and relationships with its consumers are paramount–and it all starts with distribution.

Pattern is a marketplace accelerator that helps brands regain distribution control so their partner brands can strengthen their credibility, build and foster relationships with consumers, and increase their long term value.

Why Brands Lose Distribution Control on Marketplaces

There are an overwhelming number of channels brands are trying to get in front of consumers. Digital marketplaces like Amazon and Walmart are just a few, and essential to achieve profitability.

When we think about distribution on marketplaces, brands want the customer’s experience to be just as good as in their own brick and mortar store, which they can control. But on marketplaces, there is a significant problem with gray market distribution and unauthorized sellers, which leads to a poor representation of brand’s products online and what happens damages a brand’s integrity and, therefore, value.

Marketplace sellers get inventory from multiple locations, so without control, you have consumers who could be getting a product from an authorized channel that the brand has agreed on or from someone who found inventory (like on the back of a truck). The rogue, unauthorized inventory could be old, poor quality, or close to expired in packaging that may not adhere to brand guidelines, and priced to move (aka cheap). So on marketplaces like Amazon or Walmart, a customer gains access to your brand but stands to lose trust (aka brand value) in the brand.

This typically puts brands into a tailspin to implement a system of control. Pattern helps brands take control of their marketplace distribution through proprietary technology, resources, and strategic planning, which improves and protects brand value.

How Distribution Control Protects Brand Strategy

A consumer’s experience on a marketplace will be different than in store, so distribution control is a way for brands to execute brand strategy and build consumer loyalty through marketplaces.

Without distribution control, you are letting your consumers have multiple different experiences with the same brand, which is going to lead to some disruption and an inability to hold brand reputation and customer value over time.

Pattern works with many brands to establish distribution control which allows a brand’s reputation and its profitability to grow via marketplaces

Contact Us to learn how to keep your brand strategy on the tracks with marketplace distribution control.


Watch This Video Clip to Learn More about Control and Distribution on Marketplaces

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