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2 Things Brands Can Start Doing Now to Raise Your Amazon Rankings

Even top global brands have questions about optimizing their performance on Amazon. And a common, pervasive issue is falling rankings. Like other brand problems on Amazon, falling rankings can happen for many reasons, but are most often due to growth in marketplace competition.

Amazon reports over 1.9 million selling partners worldwide, and that number is increasing daily. Strategies that used to work for brands are simply not effective, and brands that have access to the right specialized knowledge and full range of marketplace resources will be able to overcome their growing competition to gain and keep their ranking status.

Pattern is an ecommerce accelerator with all of the expertise and data-driven insights and technology brands need to gain control on Amazon and maintain their competitive niche. We know what works in resolving issues like falling rankings, price erosion, losing the buy box, poor product listings, and more. Below are two strategies to improve rankings for brands and, ultimately, grow their sales on Amazon and gain (and maintain) control.

1. Leverage  Small Wins to Gain Performance Momentum

Winning on Amazon, like winning on other ecommerce marketplaces, comes down to data and patterns. You can use data to understand what’s working in your strategy and what’s not, then use tried and tested patterns to optimize for the areas you’d like to improve. Raising your Amazon rankings is no different.

The brands that are winning the Best Seller badge, and capturing the most valuable real estate in search results, are doing so by taking advantage of the favorable patterns in Amazon’s algorithm. The patterns operate like a cycle—improving your performance in one aspect leads you to improve your performance in the next and so on. Winning creates more wins, and losing creates more losses.

Amazon’s rankings are determined by many different factors, so if you don’t have the data to understand where you’re winning and losing, the scales can tip and lower your rank without you knowing why or how to fix it. You can combat falling rankings by becoming aware of your Amazon performance data and using small wins to build positive momentum, elevating your rank and enhancing your sales.

Pattern helps brands accomplish this with strategies like winning on less common, but still relevant, search terms for your products. As you optimize your listings for smaller wins and Amazon recognizes your relevancy, you’ll be able to compete more effectively for higher-stakes searches with more traffic. As your momentum ramps up, you’ll see your rank, traffic, conversions, and revenue rise.

Another feature working in your favor is Amazon awards a Best Seller badge for both categories and subcategories. That makes it possible to win the badge for a subcategory relevant to your product and still show up and compete alongside the Best Seller for your overall category. Amazon users don’t know the difference, and increasing your visibility is another way you’re building positive momentum toward raising your product rank.

2. Create a Holistic Performance Strategy

Building out a robust ecommerce strategy for your products goes hand in hand with building momentum through small wins. In the past, many brands have won traffic and conversions on Amazon naturally, through having great brand recognition online. Now, in the advent of Google, Amazon, and other search-based means, companies are having to work much harder to keep their footing.

The key is understanding the algorithms—how people search when they look for your brand. Staying competitive takes thinking about the right keywords to optimize for and how different marketplaces and consumers use different terminologies in their searches. But this doesn’t mean that your brand should start haphazardly stuffing keywords throughout its product listings. Search algorithms are more sophisticated than they used to be, and it takes a multi-pronged optimization approach to authentically get your products rising in their ranks.

Now, not only do brands need video content in their listings and well-written copy, they need to incorporate ratings and review management to keep their positive ratings seen and promoted. In addition, brands need a strategy to drive outside traffic to their listing. Overall, you’ll need to provide a great experience for customers searching for your products, and that takes the right, specialized expertise and tools.

Pattern Ranks Brands on Amazon

Pattern has all of the resources and ecommerce specialists you need to take control of your Amazon strategy and create true, long-term profitability for your brand. With rich historical marketplace data and technology to provide real time insights and trends, we know how to take top global brands out of negative cycles that pull down rankings and decrease profits so you can be more competitive and successful in your ecommerce strategy. Ready to take control of your product rankings? Contact us to set up a meeting.