For 10 years, we have proudly offered our services to companies and educational institutions alike. Contact us for pricing, availability, and more information about these three services.



  • Writing a program, webinar, or course outline
  • Recording, editing, and archiving webinars
  • Evaluating program content, organization, and design
  • Designing online materials that engage and educate
  • Developing a curriculum from a body of work
  • Coaching presenters face-to-face and online
  • Overseeing practice sessions and rehearsals
  • Evaluating and testing technology
  • Creating interactive exercises and emotional hooks
  • Managing more fruitful class discussions
  • Setting up social media discussions
  • Using webinar tools
  • Writing scripts for live performances




  • Conflict resolution
  • Decision making and problem solving
  • Public meetings: Discussion and input
  • Brainstorming and project design
  • Elected and appointed boards meetings: public, private, and nonprofit
  • Environmental scans and community assessments
  • Evaluations of strategic plans, projects and campaigns
  • Falling Between the Cracks: Improving communication with hard-working groups
  • Focus groups
  • Hiring and firing committees
  • Marketing campaigns
  • Strategic planning




  • Conflict resolution
  • Decision-making and governance
  • Reviewing strategic plans and project management
  • Curriculum and continuing education
  • Evaluating business plans and start-ups
  • Evaluating nonprofit plans and start-ups
  • Job-hunting and career advancement
  • Marketing, advocacy, and political campaigns
  • Personnel, management, and leadership
  • Portfolios for education and career development
  • Public sector ethics
  • Reviewing resumes and job applications
  • Reviewing service areas and signage
  • Unsticking stuck plans
  • Writing and editing projects