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Pattern Unveils PXM and Creators: Two Powerful SaaS Solutions for Ecommerce Acceleration

The enhanced offerings allow brand leaders to manage content and brand experiences on a global scale while driving unrivaled traffic and conversion for digital commerce.

SALT LAKE CITY — May 10, 2024 — Pattern—the leader for global ecommerce acceleration— today debuted two newly rebranded and enhanced offerings at Accelerate, the world’s largest ecommerce acceleration summit.

Previously known as Amplifi and Current, Pattern PXM and Pattern Creators represent a strategic evolution for brand leaders that want to accelerate their ecommerce growth on digital marketplaces, social platforms, and more.

Why It Matters

“Improving traffic and conversion are the two biggest growth drivers for brands right now, and few things accelerate traffic and conversion better than content optimization and creator marketing," said Pattern Chief Technology Officer Jason Wells. "With the power of Pattern PXM and Pattern Creators, brands can navigate the complexities of ecommerce more effectively than ever before. From creating industry leading brand experiences on marketplaces to building powerful ambassador programs, these solutions arm brands with two massive levers for growth for 2024 and beyond.”

Pattern PXM

Pattern PXM combines state-of-the-art digital asset management (DAM) and product information management (PIM) technologies with powerful generative AI and syndication capabilities—enabling brands to deliver unrivaled product experiences across online marketplaces and other digital channels. Pattern PXM streamlines content management workflows, enhances discoverability, and drives best-in-class traffic and conversion on marketplaces.

Pattern PXM helps consumer brands:

  • Establish a single source of truth for brand imagery, video, product information, and more.
  • Optimize and resize content automatically for delivery to retailers, marketplaces, social, and other channels.
  • Generate and index metadata for content using a custom-built AI layer, enabling on-demand access and easy searchability for global teams.
  • Syndicate product listing information to global marketplaces at scale.
  • Monitor marketplace acceptance statuses and resolve errors directly within the software.
  • Pattern PXM is available today.
  • To schedule a demo, visit and select “PXM” in the drop-down menu.
Pattern Creators

Pattern Creators is a seamless ambassador and creator marketing solution that increases awareness and revenue growth for brands. The technology provides a centralized hub for creator marketing—including ambassador recruitment, product seeding, content production, and campaign tracking for an array of social channels. Coupled with an integrated payments layer, Pattern Creators gives brand leaders the tools they need to build an authentic ambassador community that drives revenue growth on TikTok Shop and beyond.

Pattern Creators helps consumer brands:

  • Drive discoverability by tapping into the creators most likely to reach their customers.
  • Build brand loyalty by assembling an ambassador community that genuinely loves their products.
  • Accelerate sales with powerful, native content and a direct path from discovery to purchase.
  • Manage creator programs end to end in a single location, helping brand leaders drive unrivaled impact.
  • Pattern Creators is available today.
  • To schedule a demo, visit and select “Creators” in the drop-down menu.


About Pattern

Pattern is the category leader for global ecommerce and marketplace acceleration. Since its founding in 2013, Pattern has profitably grown to more than 1,700 employees operating from 22 global locations. Hundreds of global brands depend on Pattern’s ecommerce acceleration platform every day to drive profitable revenue growth on D2C websites and across hundreds of global marketplaces—including Amazon,,, eBay, Tmall, JD, and Mercado Libre. To learn more, visit or email

Media Contact

Dallin Hatch

Head of Global Communications