Your 2020 Guide to Winning Amazon’s Buy Box

Cassandra Shaffer

February 19, 2020

Your 2020 Guide to Winning Amazon's Buy Box

Selling on Amazon is an integral part of your ecommerce strategy to move your products, which happens to be a fact of being involved in anything ecommerce. A lesser-known, but just as important part of using Amazon is being able to connect with current and potential customers on a platform they’re most likely to use.

As an ecommerce seller, you may be able to outsource your ecommerce inventory management, but without Pattern, it’s next to impossible to discover where your customers are investing their attention when shopping, which is critical to your inventory. So, where are the people buying? The Amazon Buy Box.

In fact, over 80% of all Amazon sales happen through the Buy Box (and that number is higher for purchases made on mobile).

So, what exactly is the Amazon Buy Box? Why is it so important to sales? And how can you get your product there? We’re here to break down everything you need to know.

What is the Buy Box?

Buy Box

When you select a product on Amazon, you’re taken to the Amazon product detail page. You know it well. This is where customers can add your item to their cart. If you look at the right side of this page, you’ll see the white box with the “Add to Cart” and “Buy Now” options. This is the Amazon Buy Box.

Why is the Buy Box important?

Why is the Buy Box so important? It’s simple. If you’re the seller that the Buy Box represents, your product is the one that gets added to the customer’s cart or bought with one click.

But here’s the thing: there are many sellers on Amazon and only one Buy Box.

The types of sellers on Amazon can be broken down into two main groups: Amazon and third-party sellers. That means that many different retailers are selling the same items to Amazon shoppers. When this happens, the competition for the Buy Box has begun. In 2018, over $190 billion in sales came through the Buy Box, so it’s a contest you want to win.

Why is the Buy Box so Important

How can you win the Buy Box?

Amazon determines who gets into the Buy Box with (you guessed it) an algorithm. So, is there anything you can do to help get in the box? Of course.

It’s important to understand a few Buy Box basics.

First, the Buy Box rotates through sellers that are eligible and offer competitive pricing. You can’t expect to win the Buy Box just because you have the lowest price.

Second, the Buy Box algorithm takes into consideration the location of the customer and the location of your business.

Third, only items in new condition qualify for the Buy Box.

The goal of the Buy Box is to provide the best overall purchasing experience for Amazon customers. Naturally, Amazon hasn’t shared the exact metrics of the Buy Box algorithm, but there are a few factors we know will help your chances:

  • Only retailers with a Professional seller account are eligible to win the Buy Box.
  • Those who use the Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) method to fill orders are given Buy Box priority.
  • Make sure your pricing is comparable to your competitor’s (and that means total sale price, shipping, and handling included).
  • Shorter shipping times bump your Buy Box ranking.
  • The more positive customer reviews you have and the lower your order defect rate (ODR), the better.

Pattern is here to help you navigate the world of Amazon. We’ll find the strategy that works best for your business. From Amazon seller central advertising to your Amazon product ranking, our team helps you discover a pattern for success.

As one of the largest 3P sellers on Amazon, we’ll guide you through the worlds of 1P and 3P, help you regain brand control, streamline ecommerce inventory management, and (most importantly) grow sales.

Learn more about how to sell on Amazon by contacting Pattern today through the form below.

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