Why You Should Be Selling on Google Shopping

George Hatch

April 23, 2019

 3 minute read time
Why You Should Be Selling on Google Shopping

If you sell products online, you’ve probably heard about Google Shopping. But you may not know why it’s so popular and how it can help you grow your business.

Google Shopping makes it easy for buyers to look for products online, compare those products, find the best price and easily transact.

Google Express

Google Shopping is an on-demand, online and mobile app-based home delivery service akin to Amazon Prime Now. Unlike Google Shopping, Google Shopping has a select number of merchants that use the service to deliver products. Google Shopping is a different shopping experience from Google Shopping as the entire transaction takes place on Google. Buyers check out using a Google Shopping cart instead of directing buyers to another site to complete their purchase.

Google is currently testing how and when they feature Google Shopping products but you can identify them by the multi-colored parachute and text “Available on Google Shopping.” These surface prominently on the Google Shopping tab as well as the “View All” link after the last carousel image on the main Google search results page.

Kong Classic Dog Toy

There are a few reasons why these ads are so effective:

High search intent

If someone searches a product keyword in Google, there’s a pretty high chance they’re planning to buy that product at some point.


Product listings are visible on Google.com Shopping, Google.com, across mobile, desktop, and tablet as well as via Google Assistant.


People are more likely to click when they can see a high-quality picture of your product. Google Shopping adds a visual to the standard text laden search experience.

Marked prices

Since users can see the price on your ad, they already know how much it costs.

Here are a few of the benefits to selling on Google Shopping:

Merchant branding

Google Shopping was designed as a retailer first platform with prominent merchant branding opportunities including: logos for Shopping Ads, logos and favicon for Shopping Actions as well as landscape and portrait banners for desktop, phone and tablets.

Pay per sale model

Only pay when a conversion happens

Actionable insights

Actionable insights on everything from sales performance, competitiveness and assortment. These listings convert incredibly well because potential customers already have all of the information they need to know before they click on your ad.

Every second, Google processes 40,000 searches. More than a third of people who are looking for a particular product or item begin their search on Google. Google Shopping listings and Shopping ads are an excellent opportunity to reach these buyers, as users can simply click and add your product to their basket, regardless of where they’re located. Since businesses only pay each time a user clicks on these ads, and because the conversion rates are higher than other ads, they’re an extremely cost-effective advertising method.

If you have other vendors selling your products it’s likely that they’re using Google Shopping. If you use this channel, you’ll be able to sell more of your products directly to consumers, improving your margin.

For businesses with a wide range of products, these can be managed via an automated feed. When you introduce new products, these can be immediately advertised, and your inventory can also be synchronized with your ads—meaning you’re only advertising products you have in stock at the time.

For ecommerce businesses of all sizes, Google Shopping equals growth and exposure. If you haven’t yet tried this channel, now’s the time to use it to drive brand awareness and increase your competitive edge.

Not sure how to get started with Google Shopping? Get in touch today to learn how we can help.

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