Why (and What) You Need to Make a Great Product Page That Converts

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October 18, 2019

Why (and What) You Need to Make a Great Product Page That Converts

Making great product pages can be tiresome. Retailers often have thousands of individual SKUs on ecommerce marketplaces like Amazon, Google Shopping, Walmart, or eBay. Maintaining the images, product descriptions, and reviews for each of those SKUs is more work than most retailers can handle alone. And if you don’t keep them up, poor product pages are most likely going to negatively affect consumer trust.

Pattern’s ecommerce growth experts can help you create great product pages that convert into sales. Here’s why you might want to give your product pages another look.

Why awesome product pages matter

Thorne Research Iron 1


You’d probably be hesitant to buy a product that was buried in an inch of dust behind a chipped glass display case, right? Right.

For the same reasons a brick-and-mortar store wouldn’t get very far displaying their products on a broken shelf, eCommerce sellers need to keep their product pages looking pristine if they hope to sell well online. This Shotfarm study found that poor product content significantly decreases digital conversions for retailers.

Did you know?

  • 40% of consumers have returned online purchases specifically because of poor product content.

Just as they would closely examine products in a store, consumers want to know exactly what they’re buying online. Misleading descriptions can end up costing retailers even more money in returns.

  • 30% of shopping cart abandonment occurs because of poor product descriptions.

Most shoppers simply won’t convert unless they know they what they’re buying. Optimizing your product pages can help customers feel like they can trust your brand, therefore increasing your sales.

  • 87% of shoppers said they were unlikely or very unlikely to buy again from retailers who provided inaccurate product information.

This one hurts. Since keeping a loyal customer is much more cost-effective than finding a new one, any successful eCommerce business needs to prioritize brand trust. Having great product pages is one way to find and keep consumers buying your products.

What makes up an effective product page

1. High quality product images/alternative images

First and foremost, all product pages absolutely need high-quality images. This is your best chance to gain customer trust by letting them examine your product thoroughly. Plus, you should include a variety of product images that consumers can browse. This product imagery we created for our partner Yogi Tea is a great example of how you can incorporate high-quality imagery to even the most seemingly straightforward product listings.

Yogi Wellness Teas

Learn more about creating great product images from Pattern’s top-notch creative team here:

2. Succinct product highlights

Writing short and sweet product highlights right at the top of a product listing makes your product page easy to skim and consume. Using a bulleted list and capitalization to highlight key product features can play to your advantage. This example by Yogi Tea incorporates a bulleted list, capitalization, and is succinct (but not redundant).

Yogi Tea Egyptian Licorice

3. Interesting product descriptions

A great product description can entice customers to keep reading more about your product, therefore increasing their likelihood of purchasing. This product description by Yogi Tea is persuasive, interesting, and describes the product offering well.

Product Description Yogi Tea

Learn more here: 5 Tips for Writing Awesome Amazon Product Descriptions

4. Product reviews

Consumers are more likely to trust each other than they are to trust you. By responding to negative reviews and offering your help, you can build brand trust and possibly turn a negative experience into a positive one for a consumer. Above all, don’t ignore negative reviews!

Take this customer service response on behalf of our partner Thorne as an example. Pattern’s customer service team responded quickly, apologized, and offered help.

Product Review Not Happy

Learn more about reviews here:

5. Engagement features

Finally, adding extras like video or EBC (Enhanced Brand Content) can really make your product listings stand out on Amazon and other marketplaces. For example, this video by Thorne teaches their customers more about their products and keeps the customer on the product listing longer (increasing the likelihood that the customer will convert).

Enhanced Brand Content

Learn more about adding video to product details pages here: How to Add Video to My Product Details Page on Amazon.

Then Thorne’s EBC page includes additional product details (like sourcing and product testing) that may ultimately help customers convert. Not to mention, the images and design are both high quality and more likely to build consumer trust.

Thorne Quality No Higher Standard

Still wondering how to start optimizing your product pages? Pattern can help you create great ecommerce product pages that convert. Contact us below to set up a call.

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