The One Thing Most Brands Are Missing to Succeed on Amazon

Rebecca Brown

October 13, 2022

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The One Thing Most Brands Are Missing to Succeed on Amazon

What would you do if your brand had infinite resources, but not infinite time? Imagine no boundaries or roadblocks, but only 30 days to capitalize on the opportunity. What brand problems would you solve? How much inventory would you buy? What kind of advertising campaigns would you run?

Organizations often fail in both the dream scenario as well as reality because they lack one or more of these three: passion, expertise, and/or data. At Pattern, we typically see most global brands missing the necessary data and custom technology to succeed. To solve your brand’s issues, we partner with you to create the winning combination–our data, technology, and passion works in tandem with your passion and expertise to achieve the best results possible.

Although there are a multitude of ways Pattern’s data and technology support brands’ goals, here are two example areas we help with:

  1. Advertising
  2. Product-expansion

Advertising Technology Solves 3 Main Brand Challenges on Amazon

1. Marketplace Obfuscates Results

One advertising challenge is brands never know how they’re products and advertisements are truly performing. For example, many brands don’t realize that of Amazon’s $33 billion in profit in 2021, $31 billion was from advertising revenue. Essentially, Amazon’s advertising is what keeps the business running and the brand’s products selling.

Capturing a customer’s attention is virtually impossible on Amazon without quality content and ad spend. For example, here’s a breakdown of a desktop search for vitamins on Amazon. There are two rows of products with paid advertising before a customer even gets to the organic top 4 products.

Amazon Sponsored Ads Order

Achieving a top organic listing on Amazon may feel like an impossible goal, but Pattern’s technology helps to improve one of the most important factors of organic ranks–conversion rate.  Pattern’s advertising tech leverages deep keyword analysis to help us leverage keywords that are the most winnable and drive high conversion rates. Through advertising on terms that have high conversion rates, we influence organic rank and drive long-term growth.

2. Aligns Incentives

Working with an advertising agency is sometimes difficult, as incentives may become misaligned. For example, the agency may not be as motivated as your brand to make sure your advertising budget is being spent in the right way. They aren’t often going to tell brands they should spend less, or move spending to a different area. The consequence is that you get inflated ad returns and encouraged spend that may not be necessary.

At Pattern, we focus on providing brands with their True RoAS so they have full transparency on how their ad spend is performing. We ensure there are no false clicks that are skewing your ad returns and analytics. With our data and technology, we provide real-time insights into which products you should invest less in, so you can reallocate resources to others.

3. Removes Focus on Short-Term Results

Often advertising agencies may only focus on the short-term results, rather than building a loyal customer base. In order to be successful, brands needs to focus on the long-term and realize there are many benefits to advertising besides immediate sale:

  • Product exposure
  • Incremental review
  • Lifetime customer value
  • Search engine algorithm exposure

To focus on long-term rather than short-term results, a brand must create a strategy and vision they can build their advertising around. With our data and technology, we bring your strategy and vision to life along with saving you time and money. We set your strategy levers within AI and let the AI execute tactics for long-term results such as:

  • Clicks, CPC, Conversion %, Revenue
  • Incremental RoAS
  • Optimize for long-term
  • Invest at immediate positive incremental ROI

Product Expansion Issues Solved with Data

Brands face daily product challenges on Amazon and other digital marketplaces. Considering expanding their portfolio is overwhelming and scary.  Brands are plagued with questions such as:

  • When to expand?
  • Where should I expand to?
  • How much to expand? One SKU or 100?
  • Who are my competitors for each new product?

One way to start growing your profit, without launching new SKUs, is to make your product  more visible to potential customers in different categories. To find those categories, you have to find which products are “shelf-adjacent” to yours, or those which pop up next to yours in a search on the digital shelf.

As a brand 3P partner, we work with you to find adjacent competitors using our technology. We input your product(s) into our proprietary technology to find who’s next to you on the digital shelf. Then, we provide the information and tools to make the decisions for how you can best expand your brand, ultimately letting you guide the vision for expanding your product.

Pattern Provides the Technology for Your Brand to Win

As the premier ecommerce accelerator, Pattern has the data and resources most brands are missing to help brands accelerate their products on Amazon and other global marketplaces. With data and technology at the center of our strategy, and a proven ecommerce equation executed by a team of experts, our process and data will help you boost your performance and generate the growth you can imagine.

Learn more about the data and technology you are missing. Contact us. 

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