March 16, 2020

WFS Case Study: Thorne Research Sales Boost With WFS Launch

By Michelle Thompson /, Logistics & Fulfillment

In November 2019, Thorne Research began selling a pilot assortment through Walmart Fulfillment Services ([WFS]( Previously, products were only available via the Walmart Marketplace and fulfilled by Pattern. So, which fulfillment method was better for sales?

Thorne Research on Walmart Fulfillment Services Case Study

Walmart Marketplace vs. WFS

Before diving into numbers, let’s lay out the differences between the Marketplace and WFS. Seller fulfilled listings comprise the Walmart Marketplace. Standard shipping applies; though typically free amongst Marketplace listings, shipping times typically land anywhere between 6 and 10 days out from the purchase date. 

However, Walmart fulfilled listings always include free nationwide 2-day shipping, without monthly or annual subscription or membership fees. For sellers, WFS fees include storage, picking, packing, shipping, and customer service. Click here for more information on the benefits of WFS. 

Results from Thorne using WFS

The WFS program has benefited Thorne Research sales through a number of ways, all without marketing campaigns or sales promotions. 

Buy Box attainment climbed to 100%, and because of Pattern’s relationship with Walmart, Pattern’s Thorne Research listings attained the highest Content Priority score outside of Walmart. This allows listings to overwrite that of other third party sellers and promotes content parity across marketplaces, instilling consumer trust in the brand.WFS case study

Thorne Research began selling through WFS on November 13; we observed a 207% increase in sales between the first half and the last half of the month. Between October and November, total Thorne sales increased by 113%. 

Not surprisingly, Thorne Research earned approximately 25% of their annual 2019 Walmart Marketplace revenue in January (think, “New Year, New You”).  Generally, this trend is observed across all marketplaces. However, sales in December through WFS defied this trend and beat out January Marketplace sales. 

Moreover, we observed a 62% increase in sales between December 2018 Marketplace sales and December 2019 WFS sales.

Overall, approximately a month and a half of WFS sales comprised 25% of total 2019 Thorne Research sales on WFS, without a doubt, helped increase sales of Thorne Research products on, and we are excited to watch the trend continue.

If you’re ready to increase sales and grow your brand through WFS just as Thorne has, contact a Pattern representative at or 888-881-7576.