July 22, 2020

The 2020 Guide to Optimizing Walmart.com Product Listings for Sales

By Michelle Thompson / Walmart.com, Creative Strategy

Walmart.com is a clear winner in ecommerce trends this year—sales increased a whopping 74% during Q1 , successfully beating out Amazon’s Q1 growth, albeit with a much smaller denominator. So, if you’re ready to jump on the bandwagon and sell on Walmart.com, you need to know what makes a great listing.

Great listings with premium content are directly related to product placement on Walmart.com, and will help your sales soar. Here at Pattern, we’ve figured out the equation to success on Walmart, and we’re here to help!

How to write titles on Walmart.com product listings

First, your product needs to have an appropriate title with enough information, but not too much! A title should include the brand name, the product name, the size (if applicable), and other details a few words or less. Walmart.com suggests the following guideline:

Brand Name + Size Group (if applicable) + Defining Quality + Item Name + Style + Pack Count

The first word of each letter in the title should be capitalized with the exception of conjunctions, prepositions, acronyms, etc.—avoid using all caps when possible. Additionally, avoid using special characters in the title.

How to get the right imagery on Walmart.com

One of the most eye-catching aspects of a listing is the imagery. We cannot stress this point enough: Professional images establish consumer trust and increase conversion rate.

According to one study, 79% of buyers are only skimming product details; it’s professional, detailed imagery that reels them in. And you want a lot of them. Once the images have caught their attention, then they’ll read your description.

Pattern has a whole team of creatives dedicated to helping our brands achieve brand equity on any marketplace they sell on, including Walmart.com. If you want to see some of our creative work, check out our 2020 guide to creating great product photography on marketplaces. The guidelines in that blog should help you get started in creating great product images that tell your brand story online.

Writing great Walmart.com product descriptions

Walmart product descriptions are broken down into three sections: the main description (or the short description), key features (or the long description), and attributes. Here’s an example of what those mean.

Walmart.com Product Listing Guidelines + Best Practices | Pattern

Main description

The main description should be conversational, while showing a deep knowledge of the product. Use this to help build your brand image! Your goal is to provide as much information as possible, while pulling in as many keywords as you can. Repeat the product name in this description, if possible.

Remember to use synonyms. If you’re selling a shirt, try including other words such as “blouse” or “top”, and use as many applicable descriptive words as possible, such as “tank top,” “halter,” “t-shirt,” “tunic,” “pullover,” etc.

Key features

Use your key features to make it easy and fast for your customer to learn about your product. Your key features should be equally descriptive and provide just as much information as the main description.

Remember to put the most important key features first, and, like the main description, include as many keywords as possible. Use the key features to call out important information, technical specifications, and category specific details. But be careful to avoid redundancy between the main description and the key features.


The last component is the attributes section. This section highlights technical specifications, product dimensions, colors, sizes, etc. It comes in the form of a chart, and the more attributes provided, the better.

Pay particular attention to the Discoverability attributes when uploading your listing; these attributes can directly affect your item’s performance. Discoverability attributes may include details such as color, size, age group, etc. If you’re unsure which attributes are relevant, try searching your product on Walmart.com, and check the left navigation bar to see which attributes help narrow the search down; this is where attributes are used for discoverability on site.

Here’s an image of discoverability attributes with Pattern’s partner Thorne Research:

Discoverability Attributes on Walmart.com Best Practices | Pattern

More content options to come for Walmart.com Marketplace sellers

Additionally, Walmart is working to provide rich content features for Marketplace sellers, including 360° product views, side by side views, and videos. Rich content will be free and easy to use, and will help create a more engaging online experience and establish consumer trust and loyalty.

By following these guidelines, a seller may expect a substantial increase in SEO, visits and revenue. Are you interested in increasing sales on Walmart.com? Contact a Pattern representative below to see how we can help your brand succeed on the Walmart.com marketplace.

Watch one of our on-demand webinars about selling on Walmart.com below and how to create marketplace content that converts.