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How Pattern Elevated Skechers to Third Best Performing Chinese D2C Site

Since helping Skechers to launch a localized D2C website for China, Pattern has worked with the brand as its D2C Trade Partner in the region. In a highly competitive footwear market, especially amongst Western brands, the challenge has been to accelerate total online sales through a relentless focus on marketing and trading on Skechers’ site, plus providing excellent customer service to Skechers’ Chinese customers.

Skechers Needed a Brand Overhaul in China

Pattern advised on repositioning the brand, and, in order to do so, create an image-driven brand campaign strategy. Designed to differentiate Skechers’ D2C offer from its marketplace presence, the strategy leveraged a test-and-learn approach to identify opportunities and best practices. Pattern managed and marketed to Skechers’ D2C customer database who was connected to its broader CRM program.

Pattern's China team also oversaw content creation and conversion rate optimization, including search engine optimization on Baidu and other channels. Additionally, the local Pattern team planned and executed on-site merchandising to build brand awareness and generate buyer influence. Fully aware of Chinese shopper behavior and expectations, Pattern also operated pre- and post-sales customer service, which is crucial to making sales to Chinese consumers.

Integrated Marketing Provides Sales Lift in China

Pattern’s integrated marketing and operation strategy across Skechers’ D2C site and marketplaces, resulted in:

  • is the third best performing Chinese D2C site for sneakers by sales
  • Site revenue grew by 133% in 2018, to RMB32 million, or US$4.8 million
  • Skechers' China D2C site acquires 500 new users every day

Pattern, the global ecommerce accelerator, offers its partners strategic as well as 360 support for all its brands.  Whether focusing on DTC sites, or marketplaces like Tmall,, Amazon and Walmart, Pattern has the ecommerce expertise and local market knowledge necessary to develop and execute strategies to increase sales and revenue. Ready to reimagine your ecommerce strategy in China and beyond? Contact us.