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Selling Policies and Code of Conduct on Amazon

Like any eCommerce platform, Amazon has a detailed code of conduct and a number of policies that sellers must abide by. Failing to follow this code of conduct, or violating these policies can lead to account suspension.

You’re probably familiar with some of the main ways sellers have their accounts suspended. These are violations like selling unsafe products, authenticity issues or complaints, and intellectual property infringement. But there are a few other things you need to watch out for:

Getting your account hacked

Sellers put a lot of effort into customer service, product development, and timely shipping. However, if a hacker gets into your account, you can expect to be suspended.

Now, Amazon is using Two-Step Verification. This means that after you enter your password, you’ll also need to enter a unique security code.

If your account is hacked, you can often get it back by appealing to Amazon. But the Seller Performance team will want to see the steps you’ve taken to prevent this from happening again. This could include updating your virus protection software, securing your wifi, and changing your passwords.

Review manipulation

Every seller is hoping for positive product reviews. 84% of people say that they trust online reviews as much as they trust their friends. So it’s easy to see why some sellers may be tempted to engage in a little review manipulation.

While you probably already know that buying Amazon reviews is a no-no, many sellers get in trouble when they try to offer discounted products in exchange for a positive review.

While you can ask for a review, you should never imply or specify that it should be positive, write the review yourself, or provide an example. You should also never offer an incentive for someone to remove a negative review.

Unintentionally Violating Policies And Code Of Conduct

Unintentionally violating policies and code of conduct

It’s not uncommon for Amazon sellers to have their accounts suspended without knowing why. Some of the rules you must follow as a seller include:

  • Maintaining the same account (even if you no longer have selling privileges)
  • Maintaining accurate and current account information
  • Honoring your commitment to selling a product
  • Never misrepresenting yourself
  • Acting in a trustworthy manner
  • Never listing products that could cause harm
  • Acting fairly (e.g. not ‘gaming’ any part of the experience)
  • Never attempting to manipulate Amazon’s sales rankings or results
  • Never attempting to damage another seller’s ratings or listings

If your account is suspended due to a policy or code of conduct violation, you can submit an appeal. If you’re not sure why it was suspended, you’ll need to carefully go through all of the policies to look for any issues. Then, prove to Amazon that these issues have been corrected and that you will prevent them from happening again.

Amazon will want to see that you’ve been educated about what is and isn’t acceptable, and that you’ve taken actions to maintain compliance with its code of conduct.

Whether you’re new to selling on Amazon, or you’ve been selling for years, it’s a good idea to review the Amazon selling policies and code of conduct. If you’d like to learn more about selling your products on Amazon, get in touch today.