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Selling on The Ultimate Guide

Looking for brand growth opportunities? You might consider selling on If your brand goals align with the Macy's benefits, being available on the platform can help you capture untapped consumer interest and strengthen your online presence. As a global ecommerce accelerator and a preferred Macy’s partner, Pattern can help you optimize your strategy, hone in on your listings, and navigate the application process to successfully sell on We have the teams, tools, relationships, and resources brands need to reach true ecommerce profitability.

What is

The ecommerce platform is a growing opportunity for brands selling in the U.S. market. It’s currently rated as the #7 online retailer in the U.S. with around $25 billion USD in net global sales. The Macy’s marketplace is filled mostly with products in the clothing, apparel, and accessories categories. But, they’re making strides and experiencing growth in additional categories.

How to Start Selling on

The Macy's platform is a curated 3P (third party seller) marketplace, meaning a brand can only sell on after submitting an application and receiving permission to join. Macy’s is also a Mirakl partner, so participation requires Mirakl network status. The best way to become a Macy’s 3P seller is to work with a partner like Pattern who has an existing relationship with Macy’s and can help you make sure you’re going through all the right steps to be favorably considered.

Benefits of Selling on

There are many benefits brands can expect to see after joining Macy’s platform as a 3P seller. Here are just a few:

Elevated Brand Status

Macy’s is a household name with a well-established reputation. Your brand, through association with Macy’s, can take on that elevated status and appear more timeless, chic, and valuable to consumers.

Consumer Reach

Macy’s has long been known for selling products in the fashion, clothing, and accessories categories. If your products align with those categories, Macy’s expertise in reaching your target customers could be beneficial to your brand.

Category Growth Potential

Macy’s has been working hard to expand their product offerings and sell more from new categories including:

  • Baby and Children’s Apparel
  • Beauty and Wellness
  • Electronics
  • Gifting
  • Home
  • Maternity
  • Pets
  • Toys and Video Games

At Pattern, we’ve seen Macy’s dedication to its platform growth firsthand, and we’re excited for opportunities available to brands looking to expand their online presence.

Macy’s Loyalty Program

When you sell on the, you also gain access to over 38 million Macy’s loyalty customers through their Star Rewards program. Being a part of the loyalty program opens up many possibilities for advertising and getting in front of new consumer populations.

Greater Online Market Share

When consumers search for your product online, the best way to capture their interest and win sales is through being present on as many channels as possible. An omni-channel ecommerce approach will bring in more revenue, increase your presence on Google searches, and provide more opportunities for consumers to find your products.

Expand Your Ecommerce Reach with Pattern

Looking to expand your online presence? An experienced, partner-obsessed, data-driven ecommerce accelerator is the perfect choice for many brands. Ecommerce accelerators layer resources, expertise, and technology on top of what’s already working in your online selling strategy to fill in performance gaps and amplify brands’ success. Pattern helps brands to grow on marketplaces worldwide, including To learn more about expanding your ecommerce presence across marketplaces, contact us.