How a Premium U.S. Skincare Brand Expanded to European Marketplaces and Grows Revenue 3x

Courtney Jones

November 2, 2022

pattern grows skincare brand on European marketplaces

A premium U.S. skincare brand, built on established clinical and dermatological expertise, was finding success on Amazon in the U.S..  But, in order to grow its brand and drive more revenue, it wanted to expand into European marketplaces. Previous attempts to sell on Amazon in Europe led to a polluted brand representation and a loss of brand control–poor product content, sub-optimal SEO, and a customer experience that did not meet the company’s expectations. Aware that they needed a 3P partner to succeed, the brand reached out to Pattern to launch on Amazon across European markets in a consistent and systematic way that would address both brand image and growth potential.

Pattern Becomes the Brand’s Authorized Seller on Amazon in Europe

Pattern became the brand’s first authorized seller to launch on Amazon in Europe. In collaboration with the brand, Pattern’s approach focused on getting the brand in control.

Regained Brand Control to Improve Amazon Listing Conversion

The skincare brand’s initial challenge was to improve its brand image across all product listings on Amazon. It was being displaced by a number of sellers who listed older products with incorrect and poor information, which led to a sub-optimal customer experience. Specific issues included:

  • Incorrectly variated products
  • Inaccurate bullet points and descriptions
  • Images that were not in line with brand guidelines

Pattern’s creative, advertising, and brand experts overhauled the skincare brand’s catalogues by replacing the pre-existing content with optimised image stacks, product videos, SEO optimized copy, and premium A+ content. All in effort to elevate the content to ensure:

  • A consistent customer experience
  • Localize content for individual markets
  • Using proprietary technology and data-driven insights, optimize organic search via SEO

Optimized Content Increases the Conversion Rate in UK, Germany, and Beyond

Between launching in 2021 – Q1 2022, performance of the brand on Amazon across Europe has made significant gains.  Specifically on Amazon UK:

  • +25% increase in conversion rate after pre-existing content was replaced and optimised
  • Increased Buy Box ownership contributing to a +204% increase in GMV revenue within the first six months

Market expansion to Germany in Q1 2022 led to similar success:

  • GMV revenue increased +308%  in the first six months
  • Achieved 100%  Buy Box ownership within first six months

The success continued across borders as the skincare brand awareness has increased as the brand  launched in France, Italy, and Spain, in  Q2 2022.

Pattern’s Amazon Resources and Expertise Take Brands Global

Expanding a brand’s Amazon presence across Europe is no small task and brands quickly lose control in a myriad of ways.  From product listings to advertising campaigns and customer service, those are just a few areas that Pattern, the world’s top ecommerce accelerator and 3P partner on Amazon, can keep a brand on the path to success.

Powered by data-driven insights and technology that spans borders, the right tools can prepare and execute a brand’s global Amazon strategy.

Contact us to learn more about Amazon in Europe and all global marketplaces.

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