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Dave Wright

March 24, 2021

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Your Destination for Ecommerce Creative Services

Ecommerce is a $6 trillion global market, and it’s growing exponentially. As the market expands, it’s never been more important that brands have a partner that understands how to decode consumer preferences and leverage ecommerce forces to claim their largest possible share of the market. At Pattern, we’ve been helping brands do just that through data-driven product design, branding, and creative—and it’s time to expand.

To guide the continued growth of these services, we are excited to announce the additions of Josh Mendenhall and Beau Oyler to the Pattern C-Suite. Josh, former Pattern VP of Creative, will continue to lead our innovative creative team as Chief Creative Officer. Beau, CEO of Enlisted Design, will join Pattern’s C-Suite as Chief Design Officer.

Beau will continue to lead Enlisted Design—a recent Pattern acquisition and an award-winning industrial, branding, graphic, and packaging design firm—while taking on additional responsibilities central to helping us scale design as a service for brands.

The current problem with ecommerce branding & design

To capture their maximum share of the global ecommerce market, brands need to continually take their strategy, product, and creative to the next level. Often, brands are under-resourced or don’t have access to the right data to execute on informed design and creative at a high level and at a global scale.

When brands do have the resourcing, it’s often siloed and misses out on the potential synergies that can be achieved when those services are data-driven and integrated with the rest of their online retail offering. We didn’t think that was right.

The solution for high quality, scalable ecommerce branding & design

Pattern provides expertly crafted creative, design, and branding services for our partners. That starts with having the best-in-class branding and product designers and ends with producing the best-in-class design deliverables. From optimized image stacks to video, and A+ Content to compelling ads, Pattern sets ecommerce brands apart from the pack.

Our design team, led by Beau, can help you start your product design and branding for a tangible, “WOW” brand experience from the very beginning. It’s one thing to have an effective ad, but it’s another to provide an intuitive, elegant product. We believe in creating both for a strong, consistent user experience.

Every consumer gets one first experience with a brand, and Pattern’s team will ensure that the first experience with your brand isn’t just positive, but is also memorable. But the customer journey doesn’t have just one single interaction with the product or digital asset. So we focus on weaving brand-centric creative and user-appealing design into your branding strategy for every encounter.

Our creative team, led by Josh, can help you maximize brand equity by aligning with your team on the ecommerce creative experience for consumers across the entire lifecycle. From beautiful awareness ads to optimized A+ Content, and informational videos to image stacks that capture the brand story, we believe consistent creative, branding, and design take your brand the extra mile.

We cover the full gamut of design services your brand will need for success. The best part? We never charge for it. We believe in true partnership, and that means using our resources to help you execute your brand strategy. Our designers, videographers, and product design team work to be completely aligned with your messaging and target audience for results that make everyone happy.

Partner with Pattern

Pattern solves the ecommerce design needs we see in the industry by combining true partnership with a full-service strategy. Pattern is the only company in the world set up to vertically integrate data-driven design with global ecommerce acceleration, and we want you to benefit from it.

If you’re looking for world-class ecommerce creative and design for your products, imagery, and brand journey, Pattern is your solution. Request your demo today.

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