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Pattern Takes Waterpik Global in Less than 6 Months

Waterpik® is the #1 brand of Water Flossers—oral health products known for performance, quality, and award-winning technology—providing preventative and restorative oral care. Waterpik, based in the United States, was looking for a partner to support their global expansion into Southeast Asia who had two primary areas of expertise:


  • Experience selling on Southeast Asian marketplaces and scaling brands across the region through other channels
  • Operational resources to support understanding of and execution on the local digital platforms


  • Brand name and awareness growth within the target market
  • The ability to educate consumers on the benefits of Waterpik products and how to use them

Waterpik partnered with Pattern because of our experience in scaling brands globally and our market expertise in Asia. The brand also valued Pattern’s strong relationships with local Asian ecommerce marketplace platforms.

Pattern Streamlines Operations

Pattern’s first initiative was to overhaul Waterpik's distribution, including choosing a logistics partner and establishing a pick-and-pack process. Pattern set up flagship brand stores on Lazada, Shopee and Amazon as well as DTC sites in Singapore, Malaysia and in Hong Kong (on HKTVmall) to streamline distribution and reduce parallel importers.

Pattern Builds Brand Awareness

To further accelerate the brand across marketing channels, Pattern used local insights, advertising expertise, and key online marketplace initiatives to grow Waterpik.

  • Pattern structured a B2B distribution network by working closely with trusted dental practitioners to advocate for the Waterpik product. This effectively drove offline sales online and increased word of mouth marketing.
  • Pattern had Waterpik exhibit at the Hong Kong Expo to help boost brand exposure and provide consumers with education on the product and how to use it.
  • Pattern contracted social media influencers and executed on-platform marketing activities to drive sales.
  • Pattern’s team of advertising experts curated campaigns around Singles Day 2022, which is similar to Black Friday in the U.S.

Key Results

The offline to online (O2O) campaign saw impressive results from pre-purchase consumer education:

  • Waterpik met 23% of the average monthly sales in just two days at the Hong Kong Expo
  • With Pattern, Waterpik launched 9 Stores in 6 months:
    • 4 stores on Shopee and Lazada in Singapore and Malaysia in July 2022
    • 3 DTC sites launched in Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong in August 2022
    • Shopify Singapore, Malaysia, and Hong Kong
    • Hong Kong TVmall
    • Amazon Singapore store launched in January 2023
  • On-platform marketing efforts:
    • During Singles Day 2022, Waterpik saw average sales 50x higher than normal days due to Pattern’s promotional campaigns

With Pattern as their partner in Asia, Waterpik established brand relevancy and awareness within their target market and drove greater than expected sales in under 6 months. The highly effective offline and online marketing campaigns showcased Pattern’s deep understanding of the local market and how to successfully grow a brand in Southeast Asia.

Expand your brand in Asia with Pattern. Contact us today.

After switching to Pattern, we saw a significant improvement in our online sales. Pattern helped us set up our stores on Lazada and Shopee, create professional-looking listings, and run effective marketing campaigns. They also helped us with inventory management and order fulfillment.

–Luke Lim, APAC eCommerce Manager