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Pattern Helps Brands Succeed on Amazon Canada

Welcome to our blog series called “Why Brands Work With Pattern.” Each week we discuss why the top brands in ecommerce turn to Pattern to drive global, profitable growth and control. This week we are highlighting some of our brands thriving on Canadian marketplaces. See what we accomplished with these brands below and download the case study PDF here.

Why these brands partner with Pattern to manage their Canadian marketplaces: Unique international customs challenges, untapped growth opportunities

Entering global marketplaces can be a scary and daunting task. There are a number of specific nuances that are unique to each global marketplace. One of the most challenging of these nuances, is dealing with international customs and making sure your brand is following all of the regulations put in place. That being said, there is a tremendous amount of growth to be found in Canadian ecommerce marketplaces that can be hard to tap into without the right tools.

What brands and Pattern accomplish together on Canadian marketplaces

case study canadian marketplaces

Brands partner with Pattern to gain back control of their ecommerce presence and create quality content on all ecommerce platforms to represent their brand. Together these brands and Pattern build a strategy focused on the following pillars:

  1. Collecting necessary data to make educated decisions
  2. Ensuring regulatory compliance
  3. Investing in growth equally in Canada and US marketplaces

Let’s chat about each of the pillars and discuss the outcomes we achieved working together with these brands.

3 strategic pillars that fostered growth

1. Collecting necessary data to make educated decisions

We help our brands dominate marketplaces and their competition by analyzing extensive data that paints a complete picture of the brands’ current situations. This strategy is centered around using Pattern’s Predict software. Using Predict, brands can get extensive insight to a number of key data sets that impacts strategies and helps them win on ecommerce platforms.

2. Ensuring regulatory compliance

Every country and region operates under different rules and regulations which can be extremely difficult to navigate and keep track of without the proper tools and experts. Pattern has a number of experts for each marketplace. These experts know the ins and outs of the various marketplaces and how to optimize on them to make sure our brands win. Making sure products meet all labeling and ingredient compliance ensures your products cross the border safely and don't get shut down on Amazon CA or Walmart CA for non-compliance.

3. Investing in growth equally in Canada and US marketplaces

When entering a Canadian marketplace, many brands expect to see 1%-5% of Amazon US revenue when they sell on Amazon CA. Because of this, brands tend to invest less money and resources into making sure their Canadian business is successful. It is important to have a similar catalog breadth, inventory depth, and advertising strategies compared to your US ecommerce business. One Pattern brand partner has invested equally in growing Amazon US and Amazon CA. Their CA Revenue is 66% of what they make in the US.


Canadian Marketplaces

After working through this strategy, brands that work with Pattern internationally saw a plethora of success and growth. Here are some of the wins these brands have seen since working with Pattern:

  • Vitamin and supplements brand has grown 55% YoY
  • Apparel brand has grown 66% YoY
  • Food and beverage brand has grown 23% YoY
  • Growth has not slowed down since the 2020 ecommerce surge

One team

After developing an ecommerce strategy centered around these pillars: collecting necessary data to make educated decisions, ensuring regulatory compliance, and investing in growth equally in Canada and US marketplaces, Pattern has helped brands reach new customers and propel them toward a long future of profitable growth. Working together in an aligned fashion with the brands’ teams helped us achieve these results together. Partner obsession is in our DNA—we win when our partners win. Download the one page case study here. If you are facing similar ecommerce challenges, Pattern can help. Our global platform and services don’t cost you anything—that’s right, $0 out of your pocket. Schedule a demonstration of the Pattern platform and services here to learn more.