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Now You Can Run A/B Tests on A+ Content with ‘Manage Your Experiments’ in Amazon

Amazon’s newest feature, dubbed “Manage Your Experiments” (MYE), now lets sellers run A/B tests on A+ content (formerly known as Enhanced Brand Content or EBC). This potentially game-changing offering seems to show that Amazon is starting to play nicer with brands about what data it divulges. According to a screenshot of the new update, “Experiments can help you statistically find the best A+ content for your listings, improve future content, and drive more sales.”

Here’s what we know about how MYE works right now:

  1. Amazon allows you to create a second version of A+ content (essentially meaning you have two separate A+ content details for a product details page).
  2. Each customer who visits your detail page will either see the first “A” version of your content, or the second “B” version.
  3. After a few weeks, Amazon will allow you to start seeing data from the two pages and how well they’re both performing.
  4. When the experiment ends (it looks like you can choose between 4-10 week-long experiments), Amazon gives you performance insights into each version.
  5. Finally, using the data from Amazon, you can publish the version that had the most conversions.

Manage Your Experiments may help you create an A+ content strategy with Amazon’s data

Manage Your Experiments seems to include an “Experiments Learning Center” with new features that help sellers maximize their use of MYE. A screenshot of the service included hints that the new MYE feature will also give training insights and tips to help sellers develop A+ content strategies backed by data.

A-B Tests on A+ Content with ‘Manage Your Experiments’ in Amazon

(Screenshot by Yehudah Solomon of Overten Group)

Under “Interpreting Experiment Results,” the screenshot reads, “By analyzing your experiment results, you can build and publish content with more confidence, and develop a content strategy for your brand.”

This implies that MYE may help brands develop content strategies through Amazon’s data.

And under “Tips for Experiments” the screenshot read, “Once you’ve started with experiments, multiply your learnings and build an experimentation strategy with these tips for experiments.”

This seems to imply that Amazon will now be offering up tips to help sellers create successful A/B tests. News of this update first spread from a LinkedIn post and screenshot by Yehudah Solomon of Overten Group. It’s not entirely clear if this update will be a slow roll out or how Amazon will decide who will have access to MYE.

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