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How MANSCAPED Scaled from $3M to $300M in 3 Years

At this year’s Accelerate 23 event hosted by Pattern, participants gathered in Salt Lake City, Utah to slow down, learn from industry experts, and use new insights to accelerate their work in ecommerce.

As a highlight of the Brand Experience track, brands heard from Paul Tran, Founder & CEO of male grooming company and consumer lifestyle brand MANSCAPED®, who discussed the ins and outs of running one of the fastest-growing disruptors in men’s grooming.

Creating and Building an Enduring Brand

Manscaped scaled from $3M to $300M in 3 years—a massive success. Paul Tran shared tips he learned through his success with the audience about creating a winning brand and scaling profitably. A key starting point for their incredible growth was the fact that the company identified a unique consumer need within the male grooming domain, serving as a catalyst for a new market segment.

Paul outlined the initial challenges of narrating the brand's story and initiating a conversation about a typically taboo topic. He told audience members, “if you want to build an enduring brand, you have to believe in it.” Paul emphasized the importance of building a brand you feel comfortable and excited about standing behind.

Crafting Its Own Omnichannel Strategy

Paul also shared with Accelerate24 attendees the value of having an omnichannel strategy. When Manscaped first started, they began selling through DTC. But, from the beginning, they knew they wanted to transition to an omnichannel strategy and sell where the customers are at any given time.

An omnichannel strategy is important for all brands to think about, but was especially valuable in Manscaped’s success because they were servicing a need that hadn’t been explored previously. By understanding each channel and how they could use it to create awareness for and educate their consumers, Manscaped created a highly effective omnichannel strategy.

Going International

As part of the conversation about creating an omnichannel strategy, Paul explained Manscaped’s approach to going international. From the beginning, getting Manscaped’s products into international markets was important to them. They knew they wanted to expand the brand internationally quickly, and with dedicated focus and strategy, they did.

The international expansion strategy adopted by Manscaped was instrumental to their overall success. When Tran detailed the swift transition from domestic sales to global presence, he emphasized a targeted approach. Within 18 months, Manscaped extended its reach from one country to an impressive 39. Tran encouraged exploring opportunities in English-speaking markets as an easy entry point for US brands, recommending that leaders start in regions like Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom.

Strategizing With the Right Team

Paul Tran attributes Manscaped's triumph to two pivotal factors: assembling the right team and embracing a testing mindset. Part of a successful ecommerce strategy should include choosing the right people—finding experts that can help you solve any challenge and focus your business efforts on what is truly going to take your business to the next level.

Another part of Manscaped's strategy revolves around using testing to make decisions in all areas such as marketing campaigns, messaging, packaging, and customer experiences. Tran advised capitalizing on successful tests and swiftly pivoting from ineffective endeavors to maintain momentum and growth. As brands are able to quickly learn what works for their individual business and consumers, growth and profitability naturally follow.

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The opportunity to connect with and learn from industry and global thought leaders like Paul Tran was one of the highlights of Accelerate23. Join us on May 10-11th at Accelerate24 to learn from the best and brightest minds in ecommerce and collaborate with other brand leaders in an immersive, one-of-a-kind experience. Register for Accelerate24.