August 22, 2019

Keep Brand Integrity: Scale Your Distribution

By Eleanor Adams / Logistics & Fulfillment

In the old world of commerce, distribution was just the way you got your products to market. Where your products ended up—and what they ended up selling for—wasn’t that big of a deal. Low visibility protected your broader brand integrity. 

Today, however, it’s a totally different ball game. Now, your distributors that sell products at 30% or 50% off to a small village in Bavaria can put those same products (and prices) on Amazon, potentially wreaking havoc on your entire business model.

“All of a sudden that discount that they’re providing for their local customers blows up into a huge issue across many different markets,” said Chris Vincent, Pattern EVP of International. “And the challenge then is that brands haven’t really put any controls or any thinking around how they would manage that new world.”

Luckily, we’re experts at tackling the distribution challenges that brands face. At Pattern, we understand the repercussions of distribution malpractice and how to fix it. That’s why Pattern Founder/CEO David Wright made tackling distribution issues one of the key ways we help our partners experience growth and brand protection. 

“If you look at a brand in terms of distribution they have epic challenges because everyone keeps pushing the envelope further and further,” Wright said. “So you either have to be awesome at distribution, or you have to find partners who are, or you’re in trouble because if your product gets delivered in 9 days and your competitor’s gets delivered in 6 hours, you’re dead.”

Whether you’re experiencing a distribution problem, a compliance problem, or a growth problem, we can help solve it for you at Pattern today. Contact us through the form below to learn how we can help you scale your distribution.

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