Top Insights For Global Brands From Pattern’s Japan Shopper Report 2022

Rebecca Brown

January 11, 2023

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Top Insights For Global Brands From Pattern’s Japan Shopper Report 2022

Japan is the world’s third-largest economy in terms of GDP ($4.9T USD), and ranks fourth by retail ecommerce sales share. As a team of data fanatics, Pattern polled Japanese online shoppers to better understand consumer behaviors and therefore help brands capitalize on the opportunity.

With a better understanding of online shoppers in Japan, Pattern’s research helps provide global strategic support to consumer brands selling on Amazon (Japan), Rakuten Ichiba, or other marketplaces.

Discover our three main findings about shopper behaviors in Japan from our Japan Shopper Report 2022.

Download the full report here.

1. Consumer Spending is Increasing

According to the results, Japanese consumer spending is increasing, despite global economic headwinds. Our report shows 89% of shoppers said they would spend around the same amount or more money in the coming year. This finding demonstrates that Japanese consumer resilience is strong despite present global economic downturns.

2. Interest in Foreign Brands

Findings from the report showed more than half of the respondents (58%) bought foreign brands through online channels in Japan, indicating a strong interest in foreign brands. The two main reasons Japanese shoppers mentioned buying foreign brands online were higher cost-effectiveness and finding products not available in the local market.

Since Japanese shoppers are seeking better value for their money when buying foreign products, brands should carefully consider their pricing strategy. To make sure your product stands out among the local competitors, foreign brands should highlight the propositions that differentiate their products.

When selling cross-border on marketplaces in Japan, brands should thoroughly understand the strengths and limitations of each marketplace. In general, Amazon provides the most comprehensive support for selling cross-border in Japan due to its international presence and comprehensive fulfillment capability.

3. Top Selling Categories

Our research showed Japanese online shoppers were buying and most willing to buy from these top three product categories:

  1. Clothing
  2. Consumer electronics
  3. Food

Brands with products in these categories should be aware of the possibilities and high demand among Japanese online shoppers.

Japan is a Prime Opportunity for Global Brands

The opportunity for brands selling on marketplaces in Japan can be significant with the right resources and strategy. Unfortunately, a brand’s trade partner often impacts the ability for  a brand to meet their potential in marketplaces in Asia. A trade partner, such as Pattern, who understands your brand, marketplaces, and target audience, will also give you full visibility of key metrics and performance data–all essential to accelerate your business in Japan.

As a global ecommerce accelerator, Pattern is dedicated to leveraging research and experience to help brands be successful in not only their local ecommerce, but also globally.

Need help expanding your brand in Japan? Contact us.

Download the complete Japan Shopper Report 2022 to learn more about online shopper behavior in Japan.

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