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Inflation Crashes Super Bowl Parties in 2023

Snack Prices Skyrocket Ahead of Super Bowl Celebrations

As football fans prepare for their annual Super Bowl celebrations, they can expect to pay a higher price to host their parties.

What’s happening: It’s no secret consumers are feeling the sting of inflation at the grocery store. However, popular Super Bowl snacks have been hit particularly hard by the effects of inflation.

Why it matters: 99 million people watched The Super Bowl in 2022, meaning millions of Americans will be impacted by price increases in 2023.

What we’re seeing: The average price of all snack foods and condiments rose by 6% from Q1 2022 to Q1 2023. However, at the individual level, some party snacks saw increases as high as 35%. Here’s how prices for popular Super Bowl snacks and condiments have increased since Q1 2022:

  • Mayonnaise +35%
  • Mozzarella sticks +27%
  • Ranch +26%
  • Crackers +17%
  • Mustard +14%
  • Dip +11%
  • Jalapeno poppers +9%
  • Guacamole +5%
  • Tortilla chips +5%
  • Soda +2%
  • Veggie platters +2%

It’s not just food: Plastic and paper ware products were also impacted by inflationary pricing during this same period:

  • Paper plates +15%
  • Plastic cups +12%
  • Plastic tablecloths +10%
  • Plasticware +5%
  • Paper napkins +3%

Yes, but: Some snacks did see a reversal of inflation during this same period. Here are some of the snacks and condiments that experienced a price decrease from Q1 2022 to Q1 2023:

  • Chicken wings -13%
  • Nacho cheese -13%
  • Salsa -5%
  • Wings -2%

Additionally: Within the plasticware category, the price of plastic forks fell by 3% during the same reporting period.

The takeaway: As record inflation continues, consumers can expect to pay a higher price to host Super Bowl parties this year.

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