August 26, 2019

Improve Your Search Rankings Through SEO

By Eleanor Adams / Ecommerce SEO

Many brands have mistaken notions about best SEO practices and, unfortunately, it can cost them. 

“One of the mistakes we see around SEO is brands not doing it,” said John LeBaron, Pattern’s CRO. “They don’t have a dedicated practice or someone who’s systematically going through and analyzing for optimized SEO.”

And we get it—dedicating someone to optimizing your keywords and descriptions takes time and cash. On the other hand, the difference between ranking 1st and ranking 31st on an eCommerce search engine will probably more than account for that difference. 

Let’s dispel a common myth about SEO and talk about what Pattern can do to help. 

Myth: All SEO is equal.

Jared Mason, a Director of Brand Management at Pattern, said the biggest misconception he sees among brands is they think that whatever they’re doing on Google will work for everything. If only it did. 

“When brands start thinking about SEO they frequently think that customers are going to go through and look for products the same way everywhere. Unfortunately, that doesn’t end up being the case,” said Jeff Cedeno, a Brand Management Director at Pattern. “A different customer group might be looking for a product on Amazon with a different set of goals than they’re doing on eBay, or potentially Flipkart in India, or anywhere else that they’re selling online.”

Simply put: You have to put in the work to master SEO on each platform. There’s really no way around it. 

So what’s the solution?

Math. Yep, you may not have done it for years, but using mathematical equations to optimize your SEO is the most effective, tried-and-true method for turning around your search engine rankings. The higher you rank, the more conversions you get, said David Wright, Pattern Founder/CEO. 

“So unless you approach SEO in a more mathematical way, you might win, but you won’t win as big as you could,” Wright said.

At Pattern, we work on SEO collaboratively with our partners every step of the way. Whatever your message is, we’ll help you examine relevant keywords, include pertinent features on your product listings, and optimize your image stacks. 

“We like to tell a story,” said Brooke Quaintance, a Director of Brand Management at Pattern. “It’s a collaborative experience. Our partners are very much a part of helping us in this process because they are the brand and it’s important for them to be involved in the process the whole way.”

Want to start using math to improve your SEO? Contact us below.

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