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How You Wish Your Product Images Looked on Amazon

If you’re searching for some product photography inspiration, you are exactly where you need to be. Whether you are just getting started or a seasoned seller, it’s never too late to refresh and improve on your product listings. Product photos play a huge role in helping customers decide whether to buy your product or not. They are arguably the most important part of your listing.

When a potential customer visits your store, you have only seconds to entice them to keep looking at your products, and amazing product images are the perfect way to communicate what you are offering visually. Amazing product photography should be informative, clean, evoke emotion, and tell a story. We’ve put together some examples of brands that do just that.

Hydro Flask Insulated Water Bottle

We love how Hydro Flasks’ product images are a combination of technical information and lifestyle photography. The bright colors, outdoor scenes, and use of real people using their product communicates the brand’s feel while the diagrams intuitively answer a potential customer’s questions about the product.

Hydroflask image stack Amazon

Thorne Research Basic Nutrients

If you're looking for supplements on Amazon, you have a lot of options. Thorne Research sets themselves apart with awesome looking product images, that feature clean likes and good lighting. They set themselves apart from the competition by also including some great lifestyle images.

thorne Amazon lifestyle image

Petrainer Dog Training Collar

When you’re selling a tech product, it can be a challenge to feature all of your device’s capabilities without making the gallery feel cluttered. In this case, Petrainer uses lifestyle imagery and value propositions in the same image - which we think is pawesome.

dog training image stack amazon

Thymes Eucalyptus Body Lotion

Thymes products don't just smell heavenly, they look angelic too. They use their product images not only to show off how great that particular ASIN looks, but to also show off the rest of their product line. This can not only help with up-selling, but can give your customer ideas of what other products you might have which can build customer retention and loyalty.

thymes product images amazon

Holy Stone GPS Drone

Holy Stone’s photography for their GPS drone is another excellent example of the magic that happens when you merge lifestyle imagery and product information. Many images on this Amazon listing highlight a key feature of the product and simultaneously give your eyes a treat with beautiful landscape photography. This product gallery informs their potential customers while helping them visualize what is possible to capture.

drone image stack Amazon

Worx Battery-Powered Leaf Blower

If you’re looking for the perfect example of showing off your product’s versatility, here it is. Although this cordless leaf blower is over $100, a customer is much more likely to buy it once they see all of its applications.

hardware image stock Amazon

Bankers Moving Boxes

Moving boxes may not be the most exciting product offered on Amazon, but Bankers does a solid job featuring size variations and applications in their product photography. They even manage to make moving seem fun with a joyful model in their lifestyle images.

moving boxes image stack amazon

Post-it Notes

Although this Amazon listing only features three product images, Post-it simply features product uses with lifestyle imagery and pops of color. Rules were made to be broken, and this brand does that by not using humans in the images. This example shows us that if your brand is a household name with a product that is straightforward to use, you may be able to reflect that in your photography.

post it notes image stack Amazon

Tulip Tie-Dye Kit

What words come to mind when you think of Tie-Dye? For us, it is colorful, fun, and messy. This brand embraces all of those in their imagery, and also includes a helpful graphic showing various tie-dye techniques.

Tie Dye Kit image stack amazon

Now you have some ideas on how to improve on your Amazon listing’s product photography. Based on these examples, here a couple quick tips to make your product imagery amazing:

  1. If it makes sense with your product, use real humans in your lifestyle photos.
  2. Multipurpose your images with highlighting key features and images of your product in use.
  3. Feature the versatility of your product.

If you want more tips on how to make beautiful product photos for Amazon, check out our article on tips and tricks for awesome product images on Amazon.