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How to Use Sponsored Brands Custom Creative on Amazon Advertising

On average, people remember 20% of what they read, 10% of what they hear and 80% of what they see.

Visuals are incredibly vital in the advertising space. On other platforms like Instagram and Facebook, it’s easy to upload images and have engaging content shine in an advertisement. Although Amazon does allow images that can be used on search pages, a white background isn't different, engaging, or surprising to the consumer. Customization in imagery in advertising hasn’t really been a luxury on Seller Central until now.

What is Sponsored Brands Custom Creative?

Sponsored Brands Custom Creative is a new variation on the classic ad type, Sponsored Brands, which makes these ads a lot more appealing, and let’s just say it—cooler. Sponsored Brands Custom Creative was first only available on mobile, but now it can show on both mobile and desktop.

Instead of highlighting three products alone at the top of a search page, we are now able to attach a custom brand or product image to products. Custom Creative is an exciting new way to advertise. It takes up a lot more real estate on the page and it draws consumers in quickly. It’s easy to see why it is such an incredible asset in the advertising tool belt.

Sponsored Brands Custom Creative ad case study, Yogi Tea

Pattern’s partner brand Yogi Tea was in a great position to start this brand new advertising product. Yogi had:

  1. Beautiful image assets. Both product specific like the green tea you see here and more lifestyle images for the overall Yogi experience.
  2. Momentum behind their presence on Amazon. Both organically and through advertising Yogi has been pushing for more market share in the tea category going into the holiday season.
  3. A fast turn around and a “Let’s go for it!” attitude. Working together with Pattern’s advertising team, we were able to have these images ready to go and willing to experiment.

Here's a small sample of Yogi's Custom Creative assets:

Amazon listing creative images

Sponsored Brands Custom Creative strategy checklist

From the advertising perspective, like all campaigns, it’s important to have a goal in mind. Some important questions to ask yourself when thinking about sponsored brands custom creative are:

  • How specific do I want this ad to be?
  • Should the ad feature a product image or a lifestyle image?
  • Is there any way I can test different images?
  • When this campaign is up to speed and performing, what will I take from it that can help inform future advertising decisions?
  • Is there anything in season I can use images for?

The rules and guidelines for these campaigns can be found here. Creative assets are key to success here. The highest quality images can produce high quality results. These images will be reflective of your brand, so choose your images with purpose aligned with your goals.

Sponsored Brands Custom Creative ads performance

In terms of performance, it seems to perform as well as other sponsored brands campaigns. Depending on what your goals are, this might be the perfect way to draw more attention to your ad and to get them interested in your brand and product. If you have the assets to create this type of ad, I highly recommend doing so.

If your advertising campaigns have momentum behind them and you’re looking for a way to diversify your advertising portfolio and to test something new, using Sponsored Brands creative is a perfect way to do so. It’s eye-catching, engaging, and a perfect way to give an online consumer who is not on your branded D2C site the feeling of your brand, the product experience, or a final push to choose your brand all from the search page—something that was never available before.

If you’re interested in learning about how Pattern’s advertising team helps our partner brands experience consistent sales growth, or want to learn more about how Pattern’s creative team takes ecommerce branding to the next level, contact us here.