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How to Optimize the Amazon Algorithm with 3 Letters

When a shopper searches on Amazon, Amazon’s algorithm determines which products rank at the top.  Although its algorithm is a “secret”, we know two contributing factors to the results are the keywords found in your product listing and the number of shoppers who end up clicking on your listing (click-through rate).  But do you know how to optimize your traffic and conversion to beat the algorithm and maximize your profitability?

Do you just  broadly increase your overall marketing spend and buy more sponsored ads?  Spend more to make more, right?  Whereas the strategy to outspend all your competitors may win you a top spot for a day or maybe a week, it is not sustainable in the long run.

Pattern knows how to optimize the algorithm by funneling traffic to your listing and turning traffic into a click and a click into a sale.  You don’t need to spend more, you need data-driven insights powered by technology to inform your brand’s advertising strategy and effectiveness.

Leading Strategy to Drive Top Rank on Amazon

Three simple letters:  S-E-O, or search engine optimization, is essential to a successful Amazon ads strategy that drives traffic to your product.

Focusing on Amazon SEO helps you to rank your products within the top organic results. The competition on Amazon is so fierce that ranking highly on the platform can make the difference between success and failure as an Amazon Seller since very few consumers look past the first page of results when searching to buy on Amazon.

Put the Terms to Work at Scale

But SEO requires daily monitoring and constant tweaks for a brand and product to truly stay relevant and competitive on Amazon.  And it is twofold—not only do you have to monitor and modify your own product listing(s), which could be hundreds of pages depending on how many products you sell on Amazon,  you also have to monitor and capture key insights from your competitors’ listings.

This task could be equal to reviewing a dictionary of words and phrases per day.  For instance, the Second Edition of the Oxford English Dictionary contains entries for 171,476 words.  But it is not just enough to review them, you have to analyze them as well, which would require an army of individuals and way more resources than a brand (or agency) is willing to commit. So what is the solution to effectively increase traffic on Amazon and get the competitive edge? With technology.

Pattern’s proprietary technology analyzes millions of top current and past keywords to show a brand’s true competitive set.   Then, our dedicated brand managers and ad specialists use dashboards and reports to identify and implement the must-have keywords and phrases on product listing pages to drive traffic to a page.

Using data and technology in SEO allows Pattern to “read” Amazon Product Page Components and Keywords to identify ways to advertise on other brand’s missed opportunities, such as uncovering non-branded generic terms, and identifying and investing in new keywords to improve a product’s organic rank.  This is important for brands so they can better understand how each of their products rank on their own terms and how they optimize other “competitive” search terms surrounding their original list to see how they rank on those terms.

2 for 1 hack: If you are doing effective SEO to drive traffic to your listing, you can apply a similar strategy (technology and data) to increase conversions on your product page as well.

How an Ecommerce Accelerator Ranks Brands on Amazon

As a top Amazon Seller for dozens of global brands, Pattern, an ecommerce accelerator, has amassed insights and keyword performance from years of Amazon sales, across dozens of categories, and is constantly growing its data set.  We offer cutting edge, up to the minute technology that is dynamic, just like the Amazon marketplace.

In addition, we have the brightest talent to power the SEO machine.  Our dedicated brand managers and advertising specialists analyze your data, provide key insights, and act on the takeaways–we never leave anything static.

The search is over to drive traffic to your brand on Amazon.  Contact Pattern to learn more today.