Here’s How We Help Brands Create Global Ecommerce Solutions

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October 2, 2019

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Here's How We Help Brands Create Global Ecommerce Solutions

The eCommerce opportunity outside the U.S. is massive. Take China for example. In 2018, Alibaba’s Singles Day raked in $30.8 billion in sales while Prime Day only did an estimated $4 billion.

That extra $26.8 billion is why we want to take you there—and wherever else you want to go, said Dave Wright, Pattern Founder and CEO. “The big differentiator between a winner and a loser in this new eCommerce world is going to be international,” Wright said.

Through a little help from global eCommerce experts and a new eCommerce marketing strategy, here’s how we, as Amazon business partners, do it.

We give you market insights from true insiders.

It’s hard enough to know how to scale an eCommerce business, but it can be even harder to know who to trust with your business when you’re in unfamiliar territory. That’s why we rely on firsthand, on-the-ground information from our 100+ team members spread across 11 global offices, said Lara Jelowicki, Pattern’s International Director.

“Companies will decide to go international, but they have people on their teams managing these markets who actually sometimes never left their country or don’t speak different languages and don’t know the different cultures,” Jelowicki said. “By having global locations, we’re able to provide a new level of insight and knowledge into the local nuances and market.”

When you go with Pattern’s global eCommerce solutions and experts, our insights aren’t guesses—they’re based on the real-life experience of our international team.

“We’re really able to provide that live, real, localized knowledge that you need to really scale the market,” Jelowicki said.

We help you prioritize.

A daunting checklist naturally accompanies an international eCommerce marketing strategy. Once you know where to start, things can become more clear and your international processes more streamlined. Our global eCommerce solutions keep us ahead of the game to help you make the best decisions based on your circumstances, said Chris Vincent, Pattern’s EVP of International.

Brands Create Global Ecommerce Solutions

“We can see patterns happening in different markets and we can help brands get ahead of the curve in how they attack that and really help them then prioritize when they go, how they go, and how much they’re going to make,” Vincent said.

Take China for example. Arthur Cheung, our China General Manager, said many international brands see China as a barrier, and that’s why having the right partner is so important.

“It’s all about how you understand the China market, how you identify the right partner to help you—if you can settle this, it will be an easy way for you to go into the market and gain the business there,” Cheung said.

We help you execute.

Rather than give you a long lists of facts and figures, suggestions and strategies, Pattern actually works with you to put that data into an eCommerce marketing strategy and into play.

“We can do that either as a service where we bolt on and help brands sell their product, or all the way through acquiring product and actually going through and being the vendor of record for that market for brands,” Vincent said.

The fact of the matter is, having an international presence is going to be the differentiator of who thrives and who merely survives in the eCommerce space.

“The brands that will win long-term are going to go where the consumers are, and they’re going to win the hearts and minds in building an ecosystem around an international presence,” Wright said.

See what Pattern can do for your international eCommerce. Contact us below.

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