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Fourth of July Party Prices in 2024

Groceries & Party Accessories Suffer Sting of Inflation YoY

As Americans prepare for their Fourth of July celebrations, they might be disappointed to learn that most food, drinks, and party accessories have seen an increase in price year over year, with sunscreen experiencing the sharpest price increase at 31%. This, according to new data from ecommerce accelerator, Pattern.

Why it matters: With the current average inflation rate sitting at 3.3%, checkout prices continue to be a top concern for many U.S. shoppers. The upcoming holiday celebration only heightens these worries as most party supplies will cost consumers more this year than in 2023. 

What we’re seeing: Our team analyzed pricing data for the most popular Fourth of July food and drink items purchased on Amazon for every day of 2023 and 2024 so far to understand what consumers can expect at checkout. Here are the items that showed the highest price hikes year over year: 

  • The price of Ketchup increased by 10% from Q2 2023 – Q2 2024
  • Izze +8%
  • Mayo +8%
  • Pepsi +7%
  • 7Up +7%
  • Relish +7%
  • Hot Dogs +6%

Yes, but: There are a few Fourth of July groceries that have survived the sting of inflation this year. Groceries that are lower than the current rate of inflation include: 

  • The price of Olipop decreased by 5% from Q2 2023 – Q2 2024
  • Wine -5%
  • Tequila -2%
  • Coca Cola -1%
  • Dr. Pepper -1%
  • Mountain Dew -1%
  • Beer 0%
  • Caprisun 0%
  • Sprite 0%
  • Hamburger Buns +2%
  • Hamburgers +2%
  • Mustard +2%
  • Hot Dog Buns +3%

What about the fun stuff? Some of the most memorable aspects of Fourth of July celebrations revolve around water sports, American flags, and fiery explosions. Thankfully, consumers can enjoy many Independence Day pastimes without feeling the sting of inflation:

  • The cost of American Flags decreased by 12% from Q2 2023 – Q2 2024
  • Plasticware -7% 
  • Water Guns -5%
  • Fireworks -2%
  • Inflatable Pools -1%

A few things to watch: While most Fourth of July extras will cost less this year, there are still a few items to watch that might be a bit pricier than in years prior. These include: 

  • The cost of Pool Toys increased by 3% from Q2 2023 – Q2 2024
  • Pool Floats +2%
  • Sparklers +1%

Patriotism on the rise: Along with pricing data, our team analyzed consumer demand for American Flags on Amazon to gauge how Fourth of July celebrations influence demand for the star-spangled banner. According to our findings, demand for American Flags increased by 55% from 2023 – 2024, suggesting a rise in patriotism surrounding the national holiday. 

The takeaway: While most Fourth of July items have experienced an increase in price, there are still some items that shoppers can find that won’t put an extra strain on their wallet. As online retailers prepare for increased demand around the holiday, it’s a good idea to stock up on American flags as consumers show a demonstrable preference for representing the Red, White, and Blue during Independence Day. 

Pattern’s data science team analyzed pricing and demand on Amazon to understand what Fourth of July will look like for consumers this year. If you’d like to use insights like these to power your ecommerce strategy, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team online for more information.