Feetures Grows 20% YoY on Amazon by Optimizing Creative

Akta Bavalia

October 12, 2022

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Feetures grow with Pattern

In May 2022, Amazon.com had approximately 2.4B combined desktop and mobile visits, and is by far the most visited ecommerce property in the U.S.. So for any brand looking to make an impact on ecommerce, it is imperative that Amazon is part of their strategy.  But standing out amongst a crowded competitive landscape is extremely challenging on Amazon, so product imagery and listings are essential to drive traffic and conversions.

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Feetures’ Listings were Not Optimized for Amazon

Feetures, the premier performance socks in the world, was struggling on Amazon.  Its product content was not living up to the quality of their brand and the DTC imagery was underperforming across all listings. It can be extremely expensive to optimize creative content across marketplaces, especially with limited bandwidth.

To gain unparalleled expertise and creative resources, Feetures partnered with Pattern to gain back control of their ecommerce presence and create quality content on Amazon to appropriately represent their brand. Together Feetures and Pattern built a strategy focused on optimizing images and content on Amazon to drive conversions.

Brand-First Product Listings Revive the Brand on Amazon

After gaining back control and expanding their reach, Feetures worked with Pattern to create product content that would match their high quality brand. Pattern’s creative team worked on curating quality images and videos to educate the viewer and eventually led to an increase in sales. Feeture’s creative assets were all focused around showcasing Feetures’ quality and expertise to educate the consumer on the unique benefits their brand brings to the footwear market.

Based on hundreds of thousands of Amazon product listings, Pattern was able to use data-driven insights as well as Amazon best practices and trends to make all of Feetures’ product listings and content consistent. Although eliminating unauthorized sellers initially helped increase traffic to the listings, creating branded content unified all of the product listings and increased conversion.

Feetures imagery

Feetures’ Optimized Images Lead to Double Digit Revenue Growth

  • Feetures revenue grew 67% in their first year with Pattern (2017)
  • Since then, Feetures has experienced year over year growth of 20%

With Pattern’s data-driven insights and technology, Amazon expertise, and creative talent, Feetures was able to reimagine its product listings and increase conversion—for the long term. Leveraging its Amazon best practices and photography, video, and copy expertise, Pattern has all the resources to create consistent and powerful listings for every product on Amazon.

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“I trust Pattern implicity to make content that is on brand. I don’t doubt their choice. Whenever they come to me with ideas, I’m always all thumbs up.”

– Shelly Tackett, Art Director at Feetures

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