How to Establish Marketplace Control for Your Brand

Rebecca Brown

February 16, 2023

Kevin Lamb

February 16, 2023

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How to establish marketplace control for your brand

Brands often hyperfocus on selling on Amazon in their ecommerce strategy. It’s easy to see why—Amazon holds the highest market share of U.S. ecommerce platforms, accounting for 37.8% of ecommerce sales. But brands shouldn’t ignore marketplaces that follow Amazon, like Walmart, Target, eBay, and others.

What’s the point of putting effort and money into expanding to these ecommerce marketplaces? Increased potential for sales and brand awareness are a few reasons, but gaining control of your brand presence is another to seriously consider. As an ecommerce accelerator and top seller on Amazon, Pattern hears brands’ struggles with brand control all the time. And a proven way we’ve seen brands gain control is through establishing your presence on all relevant marketplaces for your product.

Learn how to establish marketplace control for your brand.

Establish Brand Presence on All Relevant Marketplaces

The reality of ecommerce is this—almost all consumers cross shop, or research and view your product on several different marketplaces before making a purchase. If an unauthorized seller is selling your product for less on Kroger, for example, consumers will choose the cheaper option when deciding where to purchase, and suddenly you’re losing out on Amazon sales and unauthorized sellers are taking your revenue, launching you into the Amazon Profitability Death Spiral. At this point your brand has a few options:

  • Spend the time and money to tighten up your distribution, remove the unauthorized seller, and your product’s entire presence on those marketplaces.
  • Exercise control by establishing your brand presence on multiple marketplaces.

Establishing your brand’s presence on multiple ecommerce marketplaces helps you take back control of your brand on those platforms, ultimately increasing revenue and brand equity. It also helps reduce overall channel conflict—as key retail partners see their customers getting the same brand experience as other retailers, you’ll be able to avoid price-matching, pricing negotiations, and other difficulties that come from a lack of control.

You, as the brand, spend significant resources creating a very intentional brand experience for your consumers. Establishing the same price and presence on all marketplaces and all channels for your product guarantees your customers a seamless and uniform brand experience. This can be achieved through what we call marketplace syndication. Marketplace syndication ensures that no matter where a consumer sees your brand, the source content is the same, so the brand experience will be, too.

Achieve Marketplace Control with Pattern

The issues most brands face trying to gain control of their brand is a lack of understanding and resources to create a strategy that works. At Pattern, we empower you with the data and all expert teams you need to eliminate channel conflict and strategize for future brand control. Ultimately, your profits will grow as you control your distribution and brand online.

Gaining marketplace control will help you stop price erosion and position your brand for long-term profitability. Pattern’s experts are committed to honoring our brand partners’ MAP policies and providing expert insights and data to help brands succeed on all marketplaces once they’ve gained brand control.

Learn more about how your brand can gain control on ecommerce marketplaces. Contact us.

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