Ecommerce Innovators Podcast – Harnessing Your Brand’s Potential

Rebekah Koster

June 30, 2022

ecommerce innovators podcast

Ecommerce Innovators Podcast
Episode 2: Goose Kearse, President and San Te, Director of Operations at Misty Mountain Threadworks
Topic: Harnessing Your Brand’s Potential

Join us for Ecommerce Innovators, a podcast that brings together the brightest minds in the industry to explore innovative strategies and trends in global ecommerce. We’ll analyze what top brands are doing to accelerate their online success and you’ll hear from top executives who are changing the game for their organizations. Our host is John LeBaron, Chief Revenue Officer at Pattern—the premier partner for global ecommerce acceleration.

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In this episode, Goose Kearse, President of Misty Mountain Threadworks, and Operations Manager, San Te, talk about how they keep their business at the forefront of climbing harness innovation. They also share about the passion behind their products. Hear some of Misty Mountain’s track switching moments, ecommerce challenges they face, and ways they use versatility to stand out from the crowd.

Ecommerce Innovators Episode Synopsis

00:57 Goose’s background
07:00 San’s background
10:35 About Misty Mountain
13:50 The culture of innovation
18:27 Manifesting innovation in the company
26:24 Track switchers (aka organizational innovation)
31:08 Ecommerce at Misty Mountain
35:09 Customer experience and versatility

As we interviewed Goose Kearse and San Te, we learned:

  1. Build a culture of innovation that runs through the veins of your company. Everything Misty Mountain Threadworks creates stays true to its culture of innovation. Just take a quick look at Misty Mountain Threadworks’ website; you will see that every product they design is high quality, follows the strictest safety guidelines, and has a long lifespan. Goose and San shared that best-in-class products are only possible through constant innovation. By expanding their product offerings through innovation, Goose and San stand true to their favorite saying, “Climbing is for everybody, and the world would be a better place if more people climbed.”
  2. Draw inspiration from what happens to you in the “wild”. As climbers themselves, Goose and San take their products out into the mountains to understand how the harnesses work. With years of climbing experience and first hand product testing, Goose and San design new products and tweak existing products. They also sit back and draw inspiration from watching others use the product. Don’t just ask for verbal feedback, but also watch and pay attention to how consumers interact with it.
  3. Make sure you focus on the right goals. Ecommerce is fast moving, and there are many directions to go and actions to take to boost your ecommerce presence. However, most companies do not have the bandwidth to do it all. In fact, at Misty Mountain Threadworks, there isn’t one single person who is solely responsible for ecommerce. In order to use your time wisely, take a step back and find a few areas to focus on to build a stronger ecommerce presence. If you need any help finding your weakest (or strongest) aspects of ecommerce, don’t hesitate to reach out to Pattern, the premier ecommerce accelerator.

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