The Biggest Challenges for Global Brands on Amazon: Insights From Pattern’s Montage Forum

Akta Bavalia

October 17, 2022

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executive acceleration forum

At Pattern’s quarterly Executive Acceleration Forum (EAF), top brand leaders came together to discuss common pain points about global marketplaces and share ideas and approaches to solve their problems. Discussing everything from the current state of brands on marketplaces to succeeding on the global stage, executives and industry experts learned from each other, leaving with insights and new approaches to helping their respective brands succeed on Amazon.

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As the world’s top ecommerce accelerator, Pattern has the resources necessary for brands to better understand Amazon and how to expand to Walmart +, Tmall,, Mercado Libre, and other marketplaces. Pattern’s EAF is a chance to share our knowledge, 3P partner strategy, data, and insights with top brand executives who are all facing the same challenges selling on digital marketplaces. Learn what brand executives are saying about the state of Amazon, as well as the topics discussed at the EAF.

Top Questions Brand Executives Are Asking About Amazon

Throughout the EAF, brand executives asked questions about common Amazon issues they are currently facing. Top questions include:

  • How should I expand my brand internationally?
  • What are some of the growth channels outside of Amazon?
  • How can I gain brand control on digital marketplaces?
  • What is the benefit of going international as a 1P vs 3P seller on Amazon?
  • How can we better use data for forecasting and inventory management on Amazon?
  • On Amazon, how can I increase profitable growth and traffic?
  • What is the key to dealing with price increases and MAP?
  • Product exclusivity and pricing strategy on Amazon and Walmart?
  • How do influencers work on digital marketplaces, especially Amazon?
  • How much should we spend on Amazon advertising?

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Brand Executive’s Foremost Ecommerce Goals

Brand executives at the EAF focused on their goals for Amazon, such as:

  • Learn more about 3P Sellers/Partners
  • Explore expanding brand internationally
  • Expand on marketplaces profitably
  • Increase organic traffic and conversion with quality SEO on Amazon
  • Grow profitably with marketplace initiatives
  • Stay on top of new ideas for profitable growth on marketplaces like Amazon
  • Begin using a media mix allocation to drive Amazon growth
  • Better manage Amazon pricing challenges

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Key EAF Discussion Topics

Throughout the event, attendees reflected and collaborated on solving common struggles and questions about Amazon strategies. Pattern’s executive team dived into these topics:

  • Current state of ecommerce
  • Building a Profitability Flywheel
  • How to gauge your brand’s performance on Amazon
  • Succeeding on the global stage and multiple marketplaces
  • How to decide between 1P and 3P seller on Amazon
  • Achieving brand control on Amazon
  • Using logistics as a strategic weapon
  • Type of levers to accelerate growth

Accelerate Your Brand With Pattern

The questions discussed, pain points addressed, and presentations given at the EAF reinforced the common challenges all brands face in excelling on Amazon and digital marketplaces. If these challenges ring true to you, you’re not alone–most  teams lack the resources and data-driven insights necessary to get control on marketplaces and grow revenue.

At Pattern, we know how to help brands grow on Amazon and other global digital marketplaces. As a dedicated and passionate team, we’ll leverage our data and technology and end to end resources to help drive your performance, increase revenue, and achieve marketplace success.

If you’re experiencing any of these same challenges discussed at the EAF, contact us today.

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