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6 Benefits for Brands Selling on Tmall

As China’s largest online B2C marketplace, Tmall (part of the massive Alibaba group), provides a massive sales opportunity for brands in Asia. With more than 780 million monthly active users and a gross merchandise value of $663 billion USD in 2022, growing sales on Tmall should be a priority of any brand with an international presence or expansion plans.

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Brands expanding to Tmall and other Asian ecommerce marketplaces can see a huge return on their investment when they start their expansion journey with a seasoned, trustworthy partner that has an in-region presence and a proven track record. With all of the resources brands need to succeed on Tmall, Pattern, an ecommerce accelerator, can help guide you through the process to reach long-term success.

Learn more about the benefits for brands selling on Tmall below:

Benefits of Selling on Tmall

1. Huge Consumer Reach

APAC is home to 55% of consumers globally, meaning the region holds vast revenue and brand exposure opportunities for brands worldwide.

2. High Ecommerce Growth Rate

Tmall currently owns 50.8% of the global ecommerce market share. As the platform continues to grow and dominate as the largest marketplace in China, brands who are considering expanding to the APAC region would do well to start with Tmall and go from there.

3. Further Cross-Border Opportunity in China (and Region)

In 2022, ecommerce in the Asia Pacific (APAC) region had a gross merchandise value of over $3 trillion USD. If a brand can tap into this market with success on Tmall first, there's huge potential for growth and revenue.


4. You Own Your Flagship Store

Tmall brands own “flagship stores”, which are micro sites that are completely customizable to fit a brand's image. Design, layout, logo, and all products/SKUs are listed in one place.

5. Mobile-First Platform

China has a 99.7% mobile internet penetration rate and over 1 billion users shop Tmall on their phones. Tmall is a mobile-first platform—it's easy to use for connecting to all social networks, provides mobile payment options, and makes it easy to access to live streaming content.

6. Increase Customer Lifetime Value

Tmall’s platform is more than an online marketplace. Consumers get excellent customer service, brand interaction, and promotional events. A successful entry on Tmall is a must for any brand considering launching on other Asia marketplaces.

How Pattern Helps Brands Succeed on Tmall

As Tmall continues to expand, it represents a great opportunity for brands wanting to enter the APAC region. But, if you want to achieve profitable growth and brand control on Tmall, working with a trusted trade partner like Pattern is essential to your success. Pattern helps brands navigate the nuances of selling on Tmall by:

  • Optimizing the consumer journey
  • Providing excellent customer service
  • Ensuring brands' DSR score is in a good position for continual growth
  • Navigating the complex Tmall sales path including multiple social platforms and accounts
  • Providing local talent full of in-region execution teams who manage marketing activities in Mandarin
  • Offering capabilities for live streaming and short video content
  • Managing brand and KOL relationships

At Pattern, here’s what we’ve done for brands selling on Tmall:

  • 100,000+ units shipped to consumers weekly
  • Top 3 Tmall Global Seller
  • 100%+ Average Yearly Growth Rate in China
  • Top 5% Tmall Store (DSR) Rating
  • 99% Positive Rating and Review Score

Interested in growing on Tmall? Contact Pattern.