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Accelerating the Future of Marketplaces: Insights from Pattern’s Sundance Forum

This past week, top brand leaders gathered at Pattern’s quarterly Executive Acceleration Forum (EAF) to learn from each other and collaborate on solutions, wins, and trends in global ecommerce. Executives and industry experts discussed everything from common pain points and goals to international growth strategies, leaving all more enlightened and empowered to improve outcomes in the digital selling space.

Pattern presentation on Amazon

As the world’s foremost ecommerce accelerator, Pattern has the data, analytics, technology, and expert teams necessary for brands to win and expand on digital marketplaces like Amazon, Walmart +, Tmall,, Mercado Libre, and others. EAF is a chance for us to share our insights and resources, learn from top executives, and empower brands to make the most of their ecommerce business. Below, you can sample some of last week’s topics and findings to get inspired on accelerating your own ecommerce strategy.

Top Questions Ecommerce Brands Are Asking

Throughout the forum, executives were able to ask questions about common issues and hear others’ solutions. Here are some of the questions we heard the most:

  • How can I gain brand control on digital marketplaces?
  • What can I do to improve my Amazon reviews?
  • How can I maximize the efforts of my small ecommerce team?
  • How do I get rid of unauthorized Amazon sellers?
  • What can I do to fix poor omnichannel pricing?
  • How should I go about expanding my brand internationally?
  • What can I do to combat counterfeit products?
  • How can I sell more on Amazon?
executives networking and eating

Executives’ Foremost Ecommerce Goals on Amazon

Attendees shared their most important ecommerce goals with the group, such as:

  • Learn strategies from other leaders
  • Grow product sales/profits
  • Gain omnichannel brand control
  • Optimize 3P selling on Amazon
  • Expand product offerings
  • Gain more positive customer reviews on Amazon
  • Stay ahead of ecommerce trends and strategies
  • Explore international ecommerce
  • Better manage distributors and sellers
man laughing with others

Key Discussion Topics

As brands connected throughout the event, certain topics rose to the surface of many discussions and questions. Leaders were most interested in talking about:

  • The ins and outs of a successful Amazon ad strategy
  • How to better determine true ROAS
  • Handling leaky distribution from long-term distributors and sellers
  • What it takes to be successful on Tmall
  • How to choose between a 1p and 3p Amazon relationship
  • Practical ways to identify and eliminate unauthorized sellers
  • What commingling is and strategies for fixing it

Accelerate Your Marketplace Strategy With Pattern

Many of our presentation topics and conversations during the Executive Acceleration Forum echo what we hear from brands time and time again: it’s tough to excel in ecommerce. Teams are under-resourced, struggling to grow revenue and get control on marketplaces, and want better ways to succeed internationally.

Pattern specializes in growing brands on worldwide digital marketplaces. We know ecommerce, and how to leverage data and technology to drive your performance with a dedicated team of experts who are passionate about helping you achieve success. If you’re having similar challenges with similar goals as our EAF attendees, set up a call with us here.