November 6, 2018

8 Reasons Why Your Products Should Be on Amazon

By Cassandra Shaffer / Amazon

So, you’re thinking about selling your products on Amazon. There are clear opportunities and advantages when it comes to selling through one of the world’s most active online marketplaces. If you want to bring in new customers, make more sales, grow brand awareness, and get exposure to new markets, expanding your brand’s reach to shoppers on Amazon is alluring, to say the least.

Once you are prepared to keep your inventory in sync with a third-party and pay some fees, it could be a huge benefit for your brand to sell on Amazon. Here are eight reasons why.

Amazon Packages

  • 1. You’ll get access to a HUGE customer base
  • An obvious step toward making more sales is to go where the people are – and that is Amazon. Neto HQ estimates that there are over 300 million active Amazon accounts. This means you can continue building a customer base through your brand’s online store, and market your product to millions of active users at once.

    Not to mention, you will likely increase sales by joining Amazon Marketplace. According to an Amazon executive, sellers report an average 50% increase in sales when they join the action.

  • 2. It’s relatively easy to get started
  • Starting your journey as a seller on Amazon is simple, depending on the category you’re in. Amazon’s system provides the infrastructure and support to get new sellers up quickly. In 2017, 1,029,528 new sellers joined Amazon, according to Marketplace Pulse.

  • 3. Hello, new customers
  • If you’re like most brands, you probably already have a group of loyal customers who love your products. When it comes to repeat customers, more is ALWAYS merrier, right?

    Joining the Amazon Marketplace means people will see your products who might have not found you otherwise. Very few shoppers visit Amazon searching for a specific store. However, once there is a customer interested in your product, you’ll have a chance to win their repeated business by providing helpful product information, answering their questions, and giving them excellent customer service. This is extra significant for brands that encourage repeat purchases, like household supplies.

  • 4. People love and trust Amazon
  • Not only do people love Amazon’s stress-free return policy, shoppers can read hundreds (if not thousands) of customer reviews per product. Gone are the days where buyers have to gamble on a new purchase.

    Amazon’s size and reputability has fostered a trusting relationship with shoppers. In fact, a recent study found that 50% of shoppers begin their search on Amazon.

  • 5. Amazon shoppers are more likely to try new things
  • Because buyers trust Amazon and its return policy, they are willing to trying new products. This is great news for smaller merchants wanting to get their foot in the door, as 53.4% of shoppers are more willing to try an unfamiliar brand on Amazon than any other site. Furthermore, 80% of consumers discover new products on Amazon.

  • 6. Access to data
  • When it comes to making data-focused decisions about your brand, products, and marketing, Amazon Marketplace sellers have some helpful tools at their fingertips.

    When you become a seller, you get information about your customers, access to reviews for marketing, keyword performance data, and much more - allowing your brand to market effectively and plan ahead.

  • 7. Know the rules, and Amazon will have your back
  • No matter how streamlined your Amazon store is, there will be mistakes. There will sometimes be unhappy customers and complaints. Thankfully, Amazon takes measures to mediate buyer-seller relations. For example, sellers can request to remove feedback that contains abusive or inappropriate language.

    In that same spirit, Amazon knows there are two sides to every story and Amazon seller protection gives you a chance to make things right with a buyer before they can file an A-to-z guarantee claim.

  • 8. Adapt to Amazon, or get left behind
  • As Amazon continues to grow and loyal customers continue to shop there, not having your products in the mix could hurt your business. Although it is important for brands to have websites of their own, there is no competing with the amount of eyeballs that can find your product on Amazon. Becoming an established seller on Amazon (especially if you are a small business) is crucial for future success.

    Selling your product through the most trusted online marketplace naturally sounds like a good move. The platform can offer you an opportunity to expand your business, raise awareness, and reach new customers. Although selling through Amazon Marketplace can be a gamble, if you follow the rules and prepare adequately, it can offer your brand unmatched potential for growth.

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