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3 Reasons Why Brands Sell on Shopee

In the ever-evolving landscape of the Southeast (SE) Asia market, one player stands out—Shopee. Last year, SE Asia’s gross merchandise value (GMV) hit $99.5 billion USD , over half of which can be attributed to Shopee. For brands looking to enter this region, there's never been a better time to take the leap. As a global ecommerce accelerator, Pattern helps brands seize opportunities available on digital marketplaces like Shopee by ensuring they're backed by in-region experts, quality content and listings, and data to support strategic decisions. Below are three reasons why selling on Shopee is a strategic must-have for brands eyeing success in SE Asia.

1. Unmatched Traffic and Exposure

Shopee is the largest online marketplace in SE Asia, with 343 million visits per month. And, the Shopee mobile app is accessible to 90% of the region's population. Its massive influx of online visitors (and subsequent potential customers) translates into unparalleled exposure in a marketplace where visibility can make or break success.

2. A User-Centric Experience

SE Asia’s average mobile internet usage is the highest among regions, with around 90% of the region’s population accessing the internet through their smartphones. With that insight, Shopee launched their app before their online site, making their mobile experience a priority compared to other regional marketplaces. In addition, Shopee claims to be the fastest growing online marketplace in SE Asia and is the top shopping app in the region based on app downloads and users.

3. Seamless Regional Penetration

As SE Asia's ecommerce sector saw continued growth in 2022, Shopee remained the market leader in the region with a GMV of US $47.9 billion–far ahead of other players such as Lazada, Tokopedia, and TikTok Shop. SE Asia is a diverse region with unique cultural nuances. Shopee's widespread presence across various countries ensures that brands can effortlessly tap into these markets, leveraging local insights for optimal sales strategies. Achieving success on Shopee is a solid indicator that brands could expand to other SE Asia marketplaces.

Southeast Asia’a Ecommerce GMV in 2022

Expand Successfully to Shopee With Pattern

Selling on Shopee isn't just a chance for brands to dip their toes into SE Asia's market—it's an opportunity to dive into a whole new region with incredible potential. With Pattern's expert guidance, brands can navigate this vast marketplace with confidence, capitalizing on Shopee's traffic and regional dominance. Pattern helps brands with:

  • Marketplace sales management
  • Master distribution
  • Omnichannel digital marketing
  • Cross-border distribution
  • In-region experts who speak the local languages
  • Understanding key market differentiators
  • Selling on individualized Shopee platforms with consolidated data and reporting

Contact us today to explore how Pattern can elevate your brand's presence