Data-Driven Amazon Marketing Services

Need Amazon marketing services? Pattern will help.

Pattern's Amazon experts pull out all the stops to make sure you have all the Amazon marketing services you need to succeed. We'll help you build a successful strategy incentivized by actual sales. A Pattern partnership means we're aligned to the same goals.

We Partner & Service the Top Brands on Amazon

Proven methods. Excellent results.

We have a proven method for success that helps our partners achieve an average of 40% revenue growth on Amazon in their first year. That's why Pattern only partners with well-established brands on Amazon just as bent on doing what it takes to win as we are.

Let Pattern Improve Your Amazon Marketing Strategy

Use Real Amazon Marketing Experts

Pattern's Amazon marketing experts have been in the game for years. We know what it takes to create an efficient Amazon advertising strategy, how to optimize for creative, and ways to promote your Amazon listings across different platforms. When you partner with us, you get full access to our all-star team at no added charge:

  • Advertising & SEO Specialist
  • Marketplace Scientist
  • Brand Manager
  • Art Director

Create a Successful Marketing Strategy

Are you spending too much on advertising? Is your creative subpar? At Pattern, we'll help you create and implement a winning marketing strategy that's already worked for 70+ of our brand partners. Our Amazon marketing services include:

  • Data-driven SEO
  • Rules-based advertising through our Predict software
  • Optimized creative services for ecommerce

Double Your Sales

Because we buy your product, we're incentivized to make any of our marketing services actually sell more product on Amazon. Forget all the other results your marketing agencies are touting—we'll help grow your top line revenue. Our partners have experienced great success with Pattern's Amazon marketing services:

  • Pure Encapsulations grew their revenue 400% over 4 years.
  • Spectra Baby averaged a 73% revenue increase each month in their first year with us.
  • Sylvania Automotive had 133% unit sales growth.