Case Study


KELO-COTE® experienced 40% YOY growth in China ecommerce during its first year as a Pattern partner.


December, 2020



Tmall, JD, PDD, Douyin (TikTok) and Kuaishou


Healthcare & Beauty

Kelo Cote Pattern Case Study

Business Challenges

n China, KELO-COTE®’s business model was selling

In China, KELO-COTE®’s business model was selling domestic products of scar gel treatment to healthcare clinics and salons with physical retail space, whilst also selling on key domestic ecommerce platforms like Taobao/Tmall. KELO-COTE®’s leadership team made a significant strategic decision to expand their online presence in order to grow ecommerce sales and accelerate their position as the brand leader for scar treatment in China. To achieve their goals, KELO-COTE® expanded its China product portfolio and launch its range of scar treatment products onto the major cross-border ecommerce (CBEC) marketplaces in China, notably Tmall, JD and PDD as well as Douyin (TikTok) and Kuaishou. KELO-COTE® formed a joint partnership with Pattern, the one-stop e-commerce shop, to achieve global growth through navigating CBEC regulations, registrations, customs clearance, marketing and promotion, and online marketplace opportunities.onto the major cross-border eCommerce (CBEC)
marketplaces in China, notably Tmall, JD and PDD as well asDouyin (Tiktok) and Kuaishou. To achieve this global growthKELO-COTE® turned to Pattern, the one-stop ecommerce shop, to navigate CBEC regulations, registrations, customsclearance, marketing and promotion, and online marketplaceopportunities in a joint partnership


Our Approach

In two months, Pattern started selling KELO-COTE® scar gel packs on cross-border stores across both Tmall and Pattern has since expanded its partnership to become the primary, exclusive B2B trade partner in mainland China, Hong Kong China and Macau China. In the first year as a Pattern partner, KETO-COTE® sales in China grew over 40%. After Pattern’s initial success with Tmall and, Pattern expanded KELO-COTE®’s CEBC presence to growing marketplaces in China including Kuaishou, Pinduoduo (PDD), and Douyin. Currently, Pattern continues to expand KELO-COTE®’s marketplace presence and is partnering with online storefronts Ali-health and Ali-supermarket to sell on


Using Pattern’s in-house domestic expertise, we delivered data driven insights to increase KELO-COTE®’s scar gel packs’ price by 10% in 12 months. Pattern also identified and converted 20+ unauthorized sellers into authorized reseller partners which enabled price consistency and control across marketplaces. Finally, Pattern helped KELO-COTE® launch a unique QR code on each product to regulate authenticity, and Pattern identified market counterfeits so KELO-COTE®’s brand protection team could take the appropriate legal actions against counterfeit products.


In its 1st year partnering with Pattern in 2021


Across its flagship stores and institutional platforms


1 hour livestream with Tmall

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