Eliminate Unauthorized Sellers on Amazon

Pattern helps brands like yours quickly identify which sellers are breaking MAP and get you back in control.

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The Problem

Rogue Amazon sellers are shrinking your profits

Both unauthorized and authorized sellers who ignore MAP (Minimum Advertised Pricing) can undercut profits and shrink margins nearly overnight. It only takes one seller dropping their price for there to kick off a domino effect of price erosion and generally, the more sellers that compete for the BuyBox, the more likely price is to erode.

Rouge Sellers Solution
The Solution

Eliminate unauthorized sellers

Unauthorized sellers don’t care about your brand. By removing unauthorized sellers on Amazon, you will boost your brand equity across digital marketplaces and protect price across all your brick and mortar channels. Pattern's compliance experts will help you remove unauthorized sellers breaking MAP and get your brand back in control.

Pattern's strategy re-established control over the online channel to solidify a foundation for long-term sustainable growth in the U.S. and globally.

Adam Branfman

E-Business Director, Professional Brands at Atrium Innovations (Pure)

Pattern really understands marketing, not to mention SEO and getting the Buy Box when it's needed. It was amazing to watch our revenue grow.

Chris Mayhew

Spectra Baby USA Sales Executive

Pattern has been a huge factor in our online success. Their reporting & breakdown of where our biggest lost sales are is nothing short of impressive.

Allison Burch

National Account Manager, Paslode

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